New Mac-10 SMG & Attachments Spotted in Modern Warfare Remastered Code!

It looks like we'll be getting more DLC weapons in the near future for Modern Warfare Remastered, including the likes of the Mac-10!

Modern Warfare Remastered has been the subject of much scrutiny in recent weeks after the addition of ranged weapons in supply drops. The latest weapon DLC included the Kamchatka-12, the XM-LAR and the .44 Magnum to rattle off the ranged weapons. But one thing that has been recently data-mined from users on Reddit point to even more weapon DLC coming in the near or somewhat near future, specifically the Mac-10 SMG. These leaked Modern Warfare Remastered DLC weapons could be hit or miss with some fans but serve the context of what kind of content support we’ll be getting the rest of the way through the year for Modern Warfare Remastered DLC.

Over on Reddit, a user by the name of MrEarthboundFan posted an article entitled “Attachment Models + New SMG” and in the contents of that thread were some interesting findings. The thread is rather straight forward and describes a few updates to a recent post in which he and others including renowned miners TailsDoll553 and Semyel dug through the Modern Warfare Remastered code. In this specific finding, however, they found attachments for future DLC as well as the Mac-10 SMG.

What is different between weapon data that the crew has found both previously and this time around compared to simple code mining is that they have been able to locate and recall the specific assets to give fans a viewpoint of what is to come instead of simply listing strings of code that point to hidden assets.

One thing you may notice about the items are they are rather incomplete as of right now. This was the same way for previous attachments that were leaked which begs the question on if we will actually receive said attachments at any point and perhaps those were left over in code. However, the weapons we received this month in Modern Warfare Remastered were also at this point in development when they were found. They were texture-less, bare and still in polygon format for basic conceptual design. So does this look like it’s pointing towards a new DLC weapon in the future? Absolutely.

As for when this weaponry will come, that is an entirely different story. We don’t have enough data to really gauge when drops can happen being that we’ve only had two updates to the Supply Depot in Modern Warfare Remastered thus far. However, it is likely it will be within a few months’ time. Vague, we know, but it is dependent on if there is the possibility of the Variety Map Pack being added to Modern Warfare Remastered (which coincidentally, this same crew dug up files in the Modern Warfare Remastered code that pointed to yes, we will).

For those that really don’t want to see this happen, there is still a very slim chance of hope that this perhaps is the same model that was dug up that was initially meant to be in Modern Warfare back in the original but was cut. Perhaps this cut model was left over and ported up with Modern Warfare Remastered? That, theoretically, could explain the low-poly, low-res quality of the model and why not much has been done with this just yet. However, what points a little further to it being simply in development is the fact there are inspect animation motion files for it in which you can inspect the Mac-10 as you would any other weapon in the game. Do with that information what you would please.

Regardless, it seems as though we will be seeing the Mac-10 return to Modern Warfare Remastered as it was sadly cut from the original development of the game nearly a decade ago. As to when, that still remains a mystery. The one piece that does not remain a mystery however is just what kind of approach the game will be taking while providing new content to players around the world within the next year as we start to gear up for Call of Duty 2017. Supply Drops are the new way of Call of Duty and it seems like we’re going to be getting quite a bit of use out of them to grab the parts needed to craft collections or to earn different items. Keep your eyes open for new weapon drops in the near future and stay frosty!

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