How To Unlock The Trench Gun In Sniper Elite 4

An easy guide on how to unlock the trench gun in Sniper Elite 4

Unlocking the trench gun in Sniper Elite 4 is a big deal should be sonsidered a big deal, because the trench gun is the only pump-action shotgun, and powerful close quarter combat weapon in Sniper Elite 4. The game is of course based around snipers and secondaries, so acquiring the trench gun is going to give you a massive advantage in the game. Because the weapon is so rare, it should be no surprise that the weapon is difficult to unlock. In this very short and simple guide, we'll be teaching you how to unlock the trench gun as quickly and as fast as possible.

The best and fastest way to unlock the trench gun is during the second mission, which is  the first time you actually confront a sniper. During this mission, one of the objectives is to take out this sniper, whos’s perched up in a high vantage point near the southern edge of the map. In order to unlock the trench gun, you must resist the urge to counter-snipe him and look for the Partisan HQ. The HQ will have several enemies patrolling, so be as careful as possible to avoid being spotted. Once you have made it to the HQ, you'll be able to make your way through the tents in the camp, some of which will contain weapons. Continue making your way through the tents until you find the trench gun located on top of a table inside one of the tents. 

After you've found the weapon, you'll need to make your way to the sniper's tower across the brigde. On your way, you'll encounter a few enemies, in which you should avoid if possible, but killing them carefully is something you should also consider. Remember, it's important that you don't alert the sniper, as you need to approach him and take him out with the trench gun. Once you've made your way to the sniper, kill him with the trench gun and then the weapon will automatically unlock and you'll be able to use it in the next mission.

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