How to use trip mines in Sniper Elite 4

How to cover your blind spots with trip mines in Sniper Elite 4

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of Sniper Elite 4 is probably sniping, however, Karl Fair has a number of tools at his disposal that he can utilize. One of these tools are trip mines. Learning how to properly use trip mines in Sniper Elite 4 can make the game easier and help you in covering your blind spots when you’re trying to take out an enemy in a stationary position. In this post we’ll be showing you an easy guide on how to use the trip mines in Sniper Elite 4.

The first step for making use of the trip mines is to equip them, go into your weapon wheel and select it from the bottom right. Once you’ve equipped the trip mines you can place them by holding RB on Xbox One and R1 on PS4. Once you’ve planted the first end of the trip mine, walk over to where you want the other end of the trip mine to end and press RB on Xbox One and R1 on PS4 to create the trip wire trap. When trying to create a trip mine, the color of the trip wire will tell you if the trip mine can be placed or not. A red trip wire means it can’t be placed and a yellow trip wire means it can be placed successfully. Once you placed a trip mine, it can only be activated by an enemy, once an enemy tries to take flank you and runs into the trip mine it will result in an amazing slow motion kill cam

The ultimate use for trip mines is to place them outside of the entrances of your sniping position so that they cover your flank.

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