Call of Duty 2017 To Be Set In Vietnam

Sledgehammer Games have already developed a Vietnam Call of Duty

During the development of Modern Warfare 3, Slegehammer Games was working on a Vietnam Call of Duty title codenamed 'Fog Of War'. Fog Of War was something brand new to the Call of Duty franchise, as it would be Call of Duty's first ever third-person title. 

Back in 2014, Fog Of War was revealed to be a cancelled third-person Call of Duty title by Sledgehammer Games, that was described as "Uncharted meets Apocalypse Now". The title aimed to take Call of Duty into new unexpored terriority, but due to the original Infinity Ward team leaving the studio to form Respawn Entertainment, Sledgehammer Games were drafted in to finish Modern Warfare 3. As a result, Fog Of War was canned and has never been mentioned again, until now. What's interesting about Fog Of War, is the fact that the was actually pretty far in development and the developers mentioned the game had around 15 minutes of actual gameplay. This means that Sledgehammer Games were likely at least one year in development, meaning that research into the Vietnam war has heavily been done.

During Activision's Q4 earnings call, it was officially announced that the next title, released by Sledgehammer Games will be a traditional Call of Duty title. This in short means that Sledgehammer Games are working on a 'boots on the ground' title that is likely to be based in Vietnam. Why? Because of course the team has already worked on such a title. 

The research, time, and energy that Sledgehammer Games invested in a Vietnam game during 2010-2011, will want to be used by the team and if Activision gave the go-ahead, it'll definitely happen. Although we do think Sledgehammer Games will release a first person Call of Duty title that we all know and love, it's also likely that Fog Of War could come to the game as a third or fourth gamemode. Of course, this is entirely speculation but it's plausible to think that if Sledgehammer Games is working on a Vietnam title, they'll want to bring their previous project back to life.

Vietnam also makes sense for a completely different reason too, that being it'll be covering a war that not many games have been based on. We're all too familiar with World War 2 shooters and the occasional World War 1 shooter, meaning a Vietnam shooter has a widely open market. In addition, it's also likely that Treyarch Games, who will release their title in 2018, will be releasing a World War 2 title (World At War 2). This means that it's possible that Activision will want three different games in three different era's moving forward, which to us sounds pretty darn good. 

What do you think the next Call of Duty will be? Do you think it'll be based in Vietnam? Let us know down below!

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