When Will Grand Theft Auto 6 Be Released?

GTA 6 can't be that long away until it's released, or can it?

After Rockstar’s most successful game yet, Grand Theft Auto 5, many fans are dying to know any bit of information regarding the next possible installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Grand Theft Auto 6.

Grand Theft Auto 6 might be the most wanted video game of all time, and as of now everyone outside of Rockstar’s inner circle are in the dark about when we could be seeing any hinting or teasers regarding GTA VI. However, Rockstar is not slowing down on their developing whatsoever, as earlier this year Red Dead Redemption 2 was teased and is expected to be officially revealed at E3 2017 later this year. Never in the past, though, has Rockstar taken on the responsibility of managing and developing both a Red Dead game and a Grand Theft Auto game at the same time. This means that GTA 6 could be pushed back multiple years due to Red Dead Redemption 2’s upcoming release. Speculation now sees a Grand Theft Auto 6 release coming to us between 2018 and 2020, depending on when exactly Red Dead Redemption 2 is released. Most likely, the sequel to the infamous Red Dead Redemption will be hitting the shelves something this fall, or sometime in early 2018. With that being said, Rockstar, from a business standpoint, would want to direct all their focuses and traffic on Read Dead Redemption 2 and making sure that game receives the highest numbers it can, meaning a direct focus on Grand Theft Auto 6 would be delayed a few years.

Of course, only time will tell how soon exactly we could be seeing an official Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement and release date time frame, but for now fans should be expecting 2018, 2019, or 2020 to be the approximate time for GTA 6 to hit the streets.

In the meantime, the streets of Los Santos still have plenty of jobs for players to partake in and Rockstar still seems to be actively updating Grand Theft Auto 5 with new content. If and when any official news, information, or leaks goes public, we here at LevelCamp will be right on top of it, so make sure to give us a follow on our official Twitter and Facebook pages, and check back to the site frequently to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

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