When Will Destiny 2 Be Released?

More info on Destiny 2’s 2017 release date and everything we know about the title thus far

Last week we discussed the Destiny 2: The Forge of Hope rumors/leaked information which shed some light on destiny 2: The Forge of Hope and what we’ll be seeing in Destiny 2. Activision’s earning reports confirmed the release date to be in autumn 2017 but more information about the Destiny sequel hasn’t been given, though this confirmation does confirm the credible Destiny 2 leak we discussed last week. In this post we’ll be taking a look at everything we know about Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 - What is the release date?

Like we mentioned earlier and in last week’s destiny 2 leak, the release date is set to be in Autumn 2017, this has been confirmed by Activision’s earning reports. Even though we know that Destiny 2 will release in Autumn, we don’t have any info as to when in autumn, unfortunately. We can assume the release date for Destiny 2 will be sometime in September since that’s also when Destiny originally released.

New Destiny 2 engine

Presumably, destiny 2 will expand its successful formula which created its huge fanbase but last week’s leak shows Destiny 2 will get a new engine, which will most likely completely change the game but also stick to its successful formula. We will most likely be seeing new mechanics, abilities and of course new weapons. Destiny 2’s new engine should also allow bungie to experience with other planets to create a bigger campaign and multiplayer word, something that fans have been asking about for quite a while.

Character porting

Like we mentioned in last week’s destiny 2 leak, character porting won’t be a thing in Destiny 2 but that doesn’t mean previous Destiny players will get some sort of bonus item or level for playing or getting to a certain level in Destiny since leveling in Destiny was quite slow. This isn’t really fair to new players but it shows old destiny players appreciation from Bungie. That’s all you currently need to know about Destiny 2: The Forge of Hope. Stay tuned levelcamp.com for more Destiny 2 news, info and more.

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