PS4 Pro Ultimate Retro Edition is Just What Old School Fans Want

Old school fans will go nuts after seeing the new PS4 Pro Ultimate Retro Edition.

As we all know, Sony keeps innovating their console (PS4) to try and make it look cooler and more futuristic but this new rare PS4 edition is the complete opposite of that, this special and very rare edition is probably the most nostalgic game console you’ll ever see.

This rare PS4 edition recalls the looks of the original Playstation but it doesn’t end there, for starters, the two uUSB ports feature labels 1 and 2 to reflect Sony’s original Playstation, the Sony and PS4  markings are sprinkeled in green and blue, once again, matching the power and open button on the original Playstation.

Youtuber Kevin kenson has made a great video about the PS4 Pro Ultimate Retro Edition, check it out down below.

You might ask, how, where do you buy this PS4 Pro Ultimate Retro Edition and how much does it cost? Unfortunately, Colorware ONLY made 25 units, who have already been sold, obviously. Let’s hope they make some more in the future!

Stay tuned on levelcamp for more news and info about the PS4 Pro Ultimate Retro Edition!

Ivar Cappelle

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