Square Enix New Game Announced - Project Prelude Rune

Square Enix is working on a new game called Project Prelude Rune their brand new RPG.

Square Enix has announced its newest title, Project Prelude Rune, which is in its early stages of development, but looks very promising!

Square Enix has recently established Studio Istolia, and at its helm, formerly produced of Tales, Hideo Baba. Square Enix explained that with the creation of Studio Istolia, their main frocus was the develop games with storylines on a level no one’s seen before. To match the likes of some of the best storytellers out there, including Telltale, Naughty Dog, and Rocksteady, is no easy feat, but with Hideo Baba at its head, Square Enix believes that Studio Istolia can quickly make a name for itself in the gaming industry starting with Project Prelude Rune.

Being a brand new IP in its early development stages, not much is known about Project Prelude Rune, other than the few images of concept art, which seem to depict a Final Fantasy like the world.

Studio Istolia is currently hiring planners, programmers, and designers to head up Project Prelude Rune, and most likely, we will have more information on the IP around E3, later this year!

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