What Does Phil Spencer Think of Xbox's Poor Sales Compared to PlayStation?

Phil Spencer recently talked about the current state of Xbox compared to PlayStation 4 and why it may not be as problematic as many may imagine.

Have you ever wondered what the console wars look like from the inside? This question doesn’t apply simply to the working bias of someone distributing PS4s and Xbox Ones at your local GameStop or Best Buy, but instead refers to the executive inside. From the executive perspective, it may be hard to admit mistakes or to retain a humble nature when presented with unflattering statistics. Phil Spencer was tasked with such an approach on Twitter as he was killing flight before boarding a flight to Japan.

Interacting with fans a bit during his down time, Spencer was asked about the topic of competition. It’s no surprise that PlayStation 4 has far outsold the Xbox One and their subsidiary console extensions and it seems the games just keep coming out to further prove the dominance of PlayStation but Spencer had a nice counter:

“Gaming is not a race between two consoles, and good games aren’t weapons against other platforms.” He further stated that the goal of Microsoft is to “make Xbox and Windows 10 great places to play.”

Spencer kept a level head through the exchange despite some questioning about the clear dips in profit margin, the lack of hype and other things similar because truth be told, Microsoft and Xbox are kind of in a dead zone right now. There’s not much on the horizon and the Scorpio is still a way off from its full reveal. Spencer explained that the current state is not representative of Xbox’s overall market share. He described the gaming industry as “a much bigger opportunity than a two console battle”. He did not try to deny any slumps in sales or hype, but his counter point is incredibly valid.

For decades now, gamers pit themselves against one another with a different platform of preference but in reality, they’re competing to better each other and that situation is somewhat highlighted in Spencer’s message.

For a little reassurance to fans, he mentioned that he thinks eventually we will see the integration of Xbox with Windows creating a universal Windows platform that brings together PC players and console players. He stated that games like Fallout Shelter would be a prime example of that but he believes the focus should be on full-fledged AAA titles in the industry; the balancing act comes into play with that ideology.

However, long or short term, it is good to see where Spencer stands in the grand scheme of the gaming industry. While being partial to one system, it is a nice sign to see that the Xbox head has the right intentions for the gaming industry. It is always good to see that there is a clear and concise push for the betterment of the gaming experience for all gamers.

While Xbox One is currently being outshone by the PlayStation and the other PlayStation consoles like the Pro and Slim in terms of sales and performance, Xbox seems to walk past any shadow of doubt they may have and they have their heads down for the future. While the console war is a war and not just a battle, this stretch is good to simply focus on what is next for Xbox and it is nice to see that there is a conscious effort being made to better the entire gaming industry. Xbox sure has a lot to look forward to if the hype for the Scorpio is all that it is cracked up to be come its reveal and release. Until then, the console war can wage on in the minds of fans, but to those developing the systems, a humble approach me be very much needed to keep a level head and come out swinging in the next phases of the year.

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