Every Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibo & Reward

This is how every Legend of Zelda Amiibo works when Breath of the Wild releases.

We are now aware of what effects The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibos will have once they are paired with their perspective game.  Packages containing these particular amiibos have been received and open by certain people.  We are fortunate that Youtube channel GameXplain, posted a video showing off the back of each amiibo’s packaging.  Therefore, we can see each effect these amiibo’s will have during your adventure. So let's jump into the details on what each of these ambios will do.


  • The many-tentacled Guardian amiibo will unlock players “ rare weapons and items to aid you on your journey.”  Players would also get a special arrow and some other items; people speculate you will be able to use these items for crafting.

The Bokoblin

  • Contains rare weapons. Expect some fancy clubs to swing.

Horse-Rider Link

  • Contains a special sword and a saddle for Links horse. So get riding.


  • This amiibo will grant players early access to the Hylian shield; this shield is most likely stronger than your default shield

Link with a Bow  

  • I think you should all know what this amiibo will give players. Pssst, this amiibo will give players access to a snazzy looking bow.

Don’t worry about not getting any amiibos and missing out on all these items. Each Item can be unlocked in the full game. However, the amiibos allow players to get their hands on them during the early game. A strange thing to note is the back of the amiibo packaging only shows how the figurines work with the Wii U and 3DS, not the Switch. Don’t take this the wrong way because Nintendo confirmed that the amiibos would work collaborate with the Switch. On a side note, the previous Zelda amiibos will unlock you some goods such as herbs or fish.

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