Destiny 2 Could Have Remastered Raids

With Destiny 2 coming this year, can we expect remastered raids to be In Destiny 2?

In our previous destiny 2 post we talked about the release date of Destiny 2, which has been confirmed by Activision to be Autumn 2017. As soon as the release date was ‘revealed’ fans started speculating about what could possibly come to Destiny 2, they started speculating about weapons, characters, story and more. But one fan in particular suggested something that would be a great move for Bungie because it will be a great possible pre-order bonus or a bonus in general. That suggestion is remasters of all the original raids from Destiny., so let’s talk about it.

Remastered raids is definitely something that is wanted by the fans, and could be a good pre-order incentive for fans to pre-order or purchase a DLC pack for Destiny 2, or even buy Destiny 2 itself. The possibilities are endless with bringing remastered raids and over the years we've seen publishers and developers bring back maps, just for the fact that they sell. Although to some it might seem like a cheap way of getting sales and earning revenue, it works, and that is something publishers and developers will continue to do. There is some good news though if you're unsure about remastered raids, as this could be a good opportunity for Bungie to make a completely new system with remastered raids to earn special armor, levels and more. New content after all is what we all look forward too.

Over the last several weeks, leaks have surfaced online that indicated that Destiny 2 will have a new engine, which could mean remastered raids could be coming to the game. Although a new engine doesn't really guarentee new raids, it does tell us that the game is being pushed much greater than the original with aims of becoming a massive hit with gamers.

Destiny 2 is only 5-7 months away now, so don't be surprised if a Destiny 2 teaser trailer or reveal trailer is released in the near future,

If a Destiny Raid was to be remastered, which would you pick? Let us know down below and stay tuned for more Destiny 2 info!

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