What Type of Quality Can We Expect from the Xbox Scorpio?

While the Scorpio is promising many things, can it deliver on the power it's promising fans & the saving grace it's promising Microsoft?

As the PlayStation vs Xbox battle wages on, we can come to only expect massive things form Xbox later this year as the Scorpio is set to launch this holiday season. With the eventual release of the console, what does this mean for the games? If it is anywhere near as powerful as we are told, we should be able to expect some major butt-kicking performance and quality, right? That is very true, but only in a sense…

To date, Xbox has rarely had the more powerful console in terms of specfications and performance. While Xbox may have sold better, it always catered towards the gamers’ needs and was a fan favorite. Within the last year or so, PlayStation has been far outselling the Xbox consoles, and for good reason! PlayStation’s addition of the PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4 Slim and the PS4 Pro, the gaming industry has been heavily tilted in favor of PlayStation. Not to mention, the games have been incredible lately for the PlayStation side of things as well. But, not to get carried away…

With the addition of all these new items, it seems quite one sided because it is. PlayStation is pulling away drastically for one sole reason; It’s simply selling more products. The Xbox One is a multi-year old console with nothing really that new to it. Sure, we had the Xbox One S, but in reality no matter how you spin the dice, three products are always going to invite more sales than one. Add in on top of that that the VR, Slim and Pro are all peak performers in their niche markets in the gaming world and you have one very nice recipe for success.

So how does Xbox break this mold? They hope to the gaming gods that the Scorpio blows everyone’s minds and that it sells well. Theoretically, if it is anything like we’re promised and if it truly does come out this holiday season, there’s no reason it won’t sell well. PlayStation and Sony don’t have any immediate plans for consoles to come out in Q4 of this year and for the most part, a lot of the heavy hitters that are PlayStation exclusive games even are out in the spring or summer. So all things considered, there shouldn’t really be any excuse for poor sales on Microsoft and Xbox’s end come this winter. All they have to do realistically, is market this thing like it’s nobody’s business. Ads, sales, specials, you name it… Make this thing stick in everyone’s mind and remind them that this is going to be the “next generation” in this generation of consoles (since they’re pushing this whole “it’s way better than you’d ever imagine” thing).

But what’s the power like? What’s the true ability of the Scorpio and when can we see games go from well this looks normal to the level of oh my… is this real life or a video game? Truthfully, that may take some time. While the Scorpio is tentatively the most powerful console ever created (apart from PCs… We know PC is the glorious master race), we more than likely won’t see too many cutting edge visuals or performance until about a year or two later. Developers for the most part have to work with what they’ve got currently. Sure, there are dev kids and consoles they have ahead of schedule and the public releases, but when you take an entirely new system in its entirety and tell a team to build something amazing on a system they don’t know how to fully handle/comprehend just yet, it probably won’t happen.

Xbox has major faith in the Scorpio and is putting some crazy stuff in the consoles but developers are going to have to get a feel for what is going on within their development processes first. You can’t go from initial point of contact to sheer mastery overnight. The sad truth about the Scorpio is that you probably won’t see any difference at all, perhaps a little but that’s nearly it, in the Scorpio vs the PS4/PS4 Pro upon its immediate release. These things take time and potentially could kick back a bit of hype for the console.

Nonetheless, Scorpio is slated for this holiday season and whether you as a consumer immediately can see the difference or not, it will be an incredibly stepping stone for games and consoles alike as you’ll already have what is needed for when games drop that 4k quality, that pure, native and stable 60fps and everything in between. The Scorpio may have a few kinks here and there, but it certainly will be well worth the wait and if they’re lucky, may land Xbox and Microsoft back on top.

Jordan Gable

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