GTA 5 Story Mode DLC Rumored To Be Revealed At E3

It's something we've all wanted, GTA 5 Storymode DLC.

GTA 5 seems to have it all; an incredible story featuring Trevor, Michael, and Franklin and an online mode that will never cease to be entertaining, thanks to GTA Online. However, there is one thing Grand Theft Auto 5 is missing, and that’s some story mode DLC. Nearly four years later and we have yet to see any extra content for GTA 5’s incredible single-player campaign. After the major success of GTA 4’s DLC; The Lost and Damned and the Ballad of Gay Tony, fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting some additional content to carry on the legacy of Trevor, Michael, and Franklin.

Thanks to new rumors surfacing online, it seems like GTA 5 could finally be getting some Story Mode DLC in the very near future. 

The original source of the reports are unclear, but according to some, Rockstar has big plans to add some Story Mode DLC some time this year. The opportunities Rockstar has to work with on a GTA 5 DLC are endless and with GTA Online making over $700 million in 2016, it's no surprise that they're pushing the boundaries. Just imagine links to Grand Theft Auto 4’s Liberty City, which was referenced in the original story by the way, or even other Grand Theft Auto titles including San Andreas and Vice City. Now that would be worth paying for. Rockstar has so many possibilities and could take the DLC into a completely different direction, such as showing players more of the lives Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. There’s a lot of back story that has yet to be visited by Rockstar which leaves the door wide open for some great DLC chances.

Even if it was just one installment of story-based DLC, Rockstar could send GTA 5 off with one great last hoorah, and who knows, it could even shoot hints towards the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Since it’s been something fans have been asking for since GTA 5’s release back in 2013, Rockstar would be crazy not to add some new Story Mode content eventually, right?

Where do you think a DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode would take place? Who would it follow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and keep the conversation going by checking out LevelCamp’s official Twitter and Facebook pages.

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