Zombies In Battlefield 1's Fort Vaux DLC Map

Players find a huanting zombies Easter Egg on one of the new They Shall Not Pass DLC maps 

DICE is no stranger to adding some extra special Easter Eggs into their titles, but they might have outdone themselves with this one; on the new Battlefield 1 map Fort Vaux, zombies can be heard retching out from the tunnels.

Fort Vaux is a brand new map in Battlefield 1 as part of the They Shall Not Pass DLC, and it seems to have some hidden secrets scattered through it. In one the many tunnels located throughout the map there is a door marked with the text “ISOLATION” above it, what is actually behind this door may forever be a mystery, but we have our speculations.

At different times throughout wandering the nearby tunnels, players can hear was seems to be a retching, or screaming sound that most definitely isn’t human. So what is it, you might ask, well to put it plain and simple, a zombie. That’s right; Battlefield 1 has now entered into the undead playing field. This Easter Egg doesn’t seem to go any deeper than just the sounds of an undead scream, but with time, who knows what players might stumble across while playing the They Shall Not Pass DLC.

Do you think there’s more to this Easter Egg than the mysterious screams we can year roaming the halls, or do you think it’s just DICE having a little fun? Let us know in the comments below!

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