Sony's PS5 Is Coming, But Won't Compete With Project Scorpio

Sony won’t release new hardware to compete with the Scorpio

Yesterday, Michael Pachter reported on Sony’s assessment and said Sony will not release new hardware to ‘compete with / counter’ the new Xbox Scorpio. We stand behind Michael Pachter’s statement since the PS4 has a massive lead against the Xbox One.

Here's what Pachter had to say about the Project Scorpio and Sony upgrading or releasing a new console;

"I think Scorpio will have same rules as PS4 Pro- every game made for PS4 Pro has to be fully compatible with PS4. Similarly, every game on Scorpio will have to be backward compatible on Xbox One. So what I think that means is that games will have to run at, say, 1080p and 60fps, but can be upgraded to 4k and 240fps or whatever it will be. But the game will have both on the disc, the hardware will know what file to play, so the Xbox One or PS4 looks for the standard file, while the Pro or Scorpio will pick up the better, faster content. I think that’s what you’ll see, I don’t think that’s a problem, and I think that very few games will support Xbox One Scorpio at launch- the games that support PS4 Pro will definitely support Scorpio, and they may not even run at 4K."

"‘So games will run better, but they will be backward compatible- Microsoft is not replacing the Xbox One- they are upgrading it. So no, Sony will not come up with more hardware in 2018. You may get a PS5 in 2019 or maybe 2020, and an Xbox Two in 2020, and we will continue to get new consoles every three years, and their software will be compatible with the system released right before it. I think that’s going to be the pattern."

It’s quite obvious that the Xbox Scorpio is intended to compete against the PS4, considering the massive disappointment fans showed with the Xbox One. The PS4 has consistently shown that it's the better console from the pair, which PS4 sales skyrocketing compared to the Xbox One and Project Scorpio is evidence that Microsoft is aware of the issue. There is no doubt the the Xbox 360 was a phenomenal console and expectations where high for Microsoft's next generation console, but it simply wasn't good enough. 

Sony has already got a wide range of PlayStation 4 consoles, including the regular PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim. This trio of consoles has resulted in consumers and gamers from this generation, seeing the Playstation 4 as the main/default console, and a console that all your friends own.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Xbox Scorpio won’t be a successful console, we’re sure that it's going to do great in terms of sales, because well, everyone likes a new console.

Do you think the Scorpio will surpass the PS4 in sales? Let us know down below!

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