Valve Reveals Half-Life's Unpublished Steam Trading Cards

Unpublished Half-Life 1 Steam Trading Cards, Emotions, and Levels were revealed by Valve

Valve continues to stoke the fires of our desire for Half-Life 3 by revealing unused images that were designed for use as Trading Cards on Steam. Half-Life 2, among a host of other games, were included in the Trading Card feature that was added to Steam in May 2013. Two months later, Valve hired Seattle-based artist David Thany to create Half-Life trading cards, emoticons, and badges that were to be released alongside the Steam Summer Sale. Thany was also tasked with creating the Hotline Miami set, which made it onto Steam for the sale.

When contacted by Valve to comment on why he thought the Half-Life images were never released, Thany mused that it could be due to the fact his work brought a more updated look when compared to the first game, making the images feel like they fit more with Half-Life 2 than with Half-Life. Unfortunately, these images never made it onto Steam, but at least we get to see what could have been.

The images that Thany worked on include Gordon Freeman with a crowbar, The G-Man beside the Half-Life Lambda symbol, a zombie, a Vortigaunt, and a few of the Xen creatures. The emoticons we would have had access to include the Lambda symbol, crowbar, Gordan Freeman’s head and more.

Half-Life G-Man
Half-Life G-Man
Half-Life Bullsquid
Half-Life Bullsquid

Were these Trading Cards to be released, it’d give a lot of players a reason to jump back in and experience the Half-Life series one more time. I know that I’d be willing to spend several dollars getting my hands on one of those crowbar emoticons, anything to fill the void where Half-Life 3 belongs. The fact that these images exist is enough to make you wonder whether Valve would consider creating images that would fit within the aesthetic of Half-Life. It would be nice to see some old-school Half-Life images as Trading Cards or emoticons.

You can see more of David Thany’s work on his personal site here and you can read the full Valve post here.

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