Battlefront 2 Reveal Trailer Coming Soon!

Battlefront 2 looks to have a reveal trailer coming in the very near future!

Battlefront 2 is a long awaited title coming in the (probably) near future. When the game was first teased in May of last year, the information that came out was essentially that the game would be bigger and better than EA’s first entry into the franchise reboot. Well good news to fans and players everywhere, it is very possible that we have a trailer coming in the very near future to hype us up for Battlefront 2.

In recent years, developers love to take to Twitter and spill the beans firstly over there for followers and loyal fans. They mostly offer up unique, intricate and often hidden clues within the messages of their Tweets. However, Senior Video and Media Director/Editor at DICE, Randy Evans, took to Twitter earlier and said “Today we are off to do some mocap for a very big, upcoming trailer”.

For some, this may not warrant much of anything but Evans’ is known for his work with Battlefield, Battlefront, and Mirror’s Edge; and more specifically, for the trailers that these games showcase. What is the most interesting part is that there is absolutely no projects relating to Mirror’s Edge and/or Battlefield scheduled to debut for the foreseeable future. The only project that has any sort of specified date is that of the sequel to Battlefront, Battlefront 2. The continuation of that tweet seems to confirm even further any thoughts there may be as it is stated “@Floppy_Ragdoll seen here pondering the ways of the force”. Now… Why bring up The Force when you’re employed to work on a game about The Force, unless you are making a subtle hint at something to come dealing with said universe.

The timing of this would make perfect sense as well. If we are to see a potential Q4 release of Battlefront 2 later on this year, we would start to see the ramping up of teasers, information, trailers and many more things alike. All of this normally falls within the first few weeks of April followed then into the entirety of May and even further into June with perhaps full gameplay demos and reveals to come at E3. A release and time frame of the like is all reliant on what happens now, so perhaps this is the perfect time to see a trailer coming in the next few weeks. Motion capture isn’t something that can happen overnight, and editing is another world entirely for some of this as well so perhaps we see this come out in two to three weeks’ time? That’s currently a large-scale question mark but there is looking to be even less and less doubt that a reveal trailer for Battlefront 2 is on the very near horizon.

When it was announced back in May of 2016 during the earnings calls for EA, the game was described as “bigger and better” by CFO Blake Jorgensen. As for content wise we don’t know much other than that. Perhaps Battlefront 2 will push the limit with the current generation technologies and capabilities, and if so that would be a great experience. Players also longed for a lacking campaign mode, something that was around in the original games. From rumor and vague confirmation, we can more than likely derive that there will be a campaign or story mode for Battlefront 2. That’s a major selling point for a lot of players. Having the ability to follow a narrative is a lot more engaging than multiplayer at times. That ultimately, is what did Battlefront in for lowered player counts shortly after launch. With no real alternatives to standard multiplayer modes, the game became monotonous for many. Hopefully, the addition of a campaign and perhaps other little features offers more in the way of playability and it is not dull by any means.

While fans and players eagerly await the next chapter of the Star Wars video game series, the recent hint(s) may offer up a very valid reason why we should start getting hyped for Battlefront 2. Battlefront 2 was initially confirmed for “Next year” during the earnings call last year and it would make great sense for it to be a Q4 release to combat things like Call of Duty. Regardless, we should be fast approaching a reveal for Battlefront 2 and it may be much sooner than we all may think. Keep your eyes peeled because we certainly don’t have a bad feeling about this!

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