Why COD Online Should Release Worldwide

When COD Online released, it was only available in China but with the demanding popularity of it, that could change. 

Any Call of Duty fan has heard of COD Online, a Chinese-only Call of Duty title that combines aspects of COD 4, MW2, Black Ops and more into a FPS player’s dream. When Call of Duty Online launched an closed beta in 2013, the community was highly entertained. COD Online was the type of game that COD fans were hoping for however, it was only available in China.

Call of Duty has been banned in China for years, with Chinese Call of Duty fans still wanting to play, COD Online was developed to sustain their needs. COD Online was not only solving the problem for Chinese players wanting to play Call of Duty, but it offered a revolutionary Call of Duty title that would attract fans from all around the world wanting a chance at this game. Call of Duty Online features a new gaming model which gives the player the ability to personalize weapons, characters and equipment "with localized, unique content tailored to the needs and interest of gamers in China". The game also reuses dozens of maps, character models and weapons from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series, which can be seen in its trailers. Ghosts and Advanced Warfare contents have also been added since its release.

COD Online’s story mode features a campaign mode in which the player controls Rook and has nostalgic characters such as John Price, John "Soap" MacTavish and Simon "Ghost" Riley. COD Online also includes a MW3 like survival game mode as well as their infamous ‘Cyborg Rising’ game mode. On November 30, 2013, Activision announced that Treyarch's Zombies mode will come to Call of Duty Online. This returned as a game mode entitled "Cyborg Rising" The first map, Outpost, is a remake of Nacht Der Untoten, one of the most well-known Call of Duty zombies maps. The second map, Cyborg Lab, is a remake of Verrückt, and the third map, Ghost Swamp, the remake of Shi No Numa, another classic.

The characters were Cowboy, Trigger, Sergeant, and Lv Bu. In a later version, due to some complicated reasons, Raven Software simplified Cyborg Rising mode. Now, the four special characters and a few other features have been removed. These are just some of the game modes, but as you can see, COD Online has a lot to offer.

With the support of Activision and the amount of content that COD Online can serve, it is quite odd that the game is only available in China. Clearly, there has been tons and tons of Call of Duty players wanting to try COD Online because it is a combination of all that is good in Call of Duty. Especially nowadays, with the Call of Duty community not getting the classic ‘boots on the ground’ title they are looking for, COD Online would be a great placeholder. A petition has already been made to bring COD Online worldwide and even though it does not have an unbelievable amount of signatures, there is still a movement. The game is crazy popular and restricting everywhere but China from playing it is selfish. There is no doubt that if the game was released worldwide then there will be sales.

Now, what are some complications that might arise if it does come to a worldwide release? Well, for starters, COD Online is only on PC currently. The Call of Duty community is mostly console based. Therefore, the amount of Call of Duty players on PC would be very slim and basically be a useless release. The second issue is that the game mechanics are all over the place. There are loud footsteps, most likely noobtubes, and all the other classic unbalanced weapons that we grew to hate in the classic Call of Duty titles. So if it did release worldwide then we would have to worry about the unbalanced gameplay returning and how that not only could affect casual play but also the competitive side of things. Lastly, the game is free to play in China. As we see with most games, especially Call of Duty titles, if it’s free then there are plenty of other charges. The most recent Call of Duty titles have been filled with microtransactions and if COD Online was free, we can only imagine how many extra microtransactions there would need to be to make up for the loss in profits.

In general, COD Online is a Call of Duty player’s dream game and a worldwide release would make perfect sense considering the popularity it had within the community. When that game released, every Call of Duty youtuber was making tons of content on it and everyone was enjoying it because that’s how great of a game it is. Hopefully, though it was made directly for China, COD Online could be released worldwide soon enough.

Chris Corr

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