A Call of Duty 2017 Reveal Trailer is Coming Very Soon

It's nearly that time, when the next Call of Duty is revealed; and a Call fo Duty 2017 reveal trailer is probably very, very soon!

Call of Duty 2017 is heavily anticipated this year following the seemingly dry and stale release of Infinite Warfare this past November. With the days finally almost nearing the beginning of March, it’s time to start looking forward to our first sneak peeks at the very next installment into the franchise, that being Call of Duty 2017. So when can we expect an official Call of Duty 2017 reveal trailer or something of a Call of Duty 2017 reveal of any information? Quite soon, but we need to wait just a tad bit longer.

This year is a huge question mark for Call of Duty and the marketing reveals that we can eventually end up seeing. That question mark hinges on a few variables. Firstly, does Activision want to play their cards with Infinite Warfare further or do they want to move on to the next project that potentially could make them even more money. Secondly, will Activision decide to continue the trend of earlier reveals set by Black Ops 3 in which it was a progressive situation where we had a title reveal, but not any information. With these variables comes the possibility for much variation in a potential date that we can see a reveal trailer for Call of Duty 2017.

Call of Duty in recent years has continually pushed the initial dates for reveals steadily further, but as of Advanced Warfare and earlier, there has been a stable time frame in which is designated for official reveals. That time frame is normally around May 1st of every year that an official Call of Duty reveal trailer is released. For example, Infinite Warfare was initially leaked on the PlayStation store on April 26th but was officially revealed via Activision and Call of Duty branded trailer on May 2nd. Advanced Warfare was initially slated for May 4th but due to leaks the trailer dropped in good sportsmanship on May 1st. However, leading up to it, there were many teaser trailers on May 1st as well. Call of Duty Ghosts was initially teased on May 21st (the outlier) but the name was leaked all the way on April 24th, nearly a month prior. Black Ops 3 is the only official outlier in recent years where an initial teaser was released on April 9th followed by another on April 23rrd and finally the official reveal trailer was released on April 26th.

So where does this lead us this year? We discussed the idea of pushing the button further to reveal as soon as possible given the circumstances of Infinite Warfare and that may be the best bet for an educated guess. Infinite Warfare, though at its core is not a bad game, left a terribly sour taste in players’ mouths. A third year of advanced movement, a space setting, a far future narrative, all of those things contributed to the dissatisfied mood that filled the air upon reveal and all the way until release. All those factors, it may be the better business decision to take what we already knew as early with Black Ops 3’s reveal and either normalize it or go even further into the year with teases and reveals to hype up the next chapter.

If that were to happen, we could realistically be only about thirty to forty days away from an official reveal, an official teaser for Call of Duty 2017. While this may be something that sounds incredibly far away, just think, it’s nearly been four months since Infinite Warfare released. That went by rather fast so a few more weeks is not all that hard to wait for. As for any specific dates, we can potentially see an initial teaser As early as April 3rd, perhaps April 4th if we stick with the traditional Tuesday reveals.

This entire theory is all dependent upon the notion Activision is looking to expedite the hype for another title to perhaps wash away some of the pain left with Infinite Warfare’s publicity. Even if we do not seen any expedited progress in a reveal or official statement of information, it’s still only a matter of weeks until we get our first shreds of credible and authenticate information (excluding industry insider leaks even). Assuming that we follow a normal schedule and we don’t see the necessity for an earlier release, the latest you should expect a reveal is the first week of May; once again, that may seem like two months is a long ways off, but in reality, it will go by fast and we will all be looking forward to the next Call of Duty title.

While there is no concrete evidence at the moment, just simple hunches based on marketing and public relations data, a Call of Duty 2017 reveal trailer will be here very, very soon and it’s something we should get hyped for. With the confirmation of boots on the ground for Call of Duty and the return to the franchise’s roots, we should expect nothing but great things and we may see the very first shreds of that in the next few weeks. Expect a Call of Duty 2017 reveal and expect it soon. Until then, stay frosty!

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