The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Beginner's Guide

Breath of the Wild is just around the corner and here are five things you should know before you start your journey.


Before you try and take on the world you should take a look at how much energy you have. It's important to pay attention to your stamina because if you underprepared for something, let's say swimming in a lake, you will perish and drown. In general being prepared and having Link be in his best physical shape will keep your journey a float. On a side note, clothing is a new thing within this Zelda title so make sure you have right clothes for the right job. Please don’t be the person climbing a mountain with no shirt on.


Breath of the wild has a wide selection of weapons that you will come across in your journey. You can find mostly all your weapons from defeating your enemies. Before you go one and swing your club randomly, definitely think about the durability of each of you weapons. Weapons do not last forever and as for the early weapons, they usually break in just a few fights. Make sure your arsenal of weapons is well kept so that your not left unarmed during battle.

The Surrounding

The world that you are in is key to weather you live or die. Every task you face should involve the area around you. Every choice you make needs to be well thought especial since you need to take your environment into effect. The game would not be called Breath of the Wild if we were not going to need to use mother nature


Every enemy that is drafted will drop body parts as well as their weapon. Make sure to save up on all the resources you get as they will be useful to you later in your journey. Gaining consumable items is also important, so make sure you go hunting for animals, explore mountains, and pick fruit for the trees. Don’t forget you can use the minerals gathered from mountains to cook meats at camp fires. Like any Zelda game collecting resources is your best friends and will help you alot in the end game.


Button mashing is not going to work for this game, experimenting and learning combos is crucial. Memorize certain enemies attack patterns so that you can easily dodge and counterattack. Just stay on your toes and fight to your last breath. It's good to have great weapons, but without a good fighting style you will not get too far.

Are you excited for Breath of the Wild? Is there something you think we left out of the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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