How To Override Machines In Horizon Zero Dawn

A full guide on how to override machines and how to mount them in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Overriding machines in Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the basics players need to know because of the vast open world. Horizon Zero Dawn's map is huge, so finding a way to travel faster is a useful necessity. In this guide we’ll be showing you how to override machines and how to mount them in Horizon Zero Dawn.

How to override machines

This is probably one of the most important tactics in Horizon Zero Dawn, because it allows you to create additional allies for Aloy. It also gives you the ability to override specific machines, which can be used as mounts to increase your travel speed. The first thing you need to do in order to override machines is to complete 'The Womb of the Mountain machine' mission.

After you've completed the mission, you'll obtain the Override Device, which will allow you to override machines. Although the Override Device will allow you to overirde machines, you'll have to pick your machines careful. Certain machines, such as the Watchers and Sawtooths will only allow you to override them for a specific time and after that time, they'll once again turn hostile. Overrining machines is fairly simple and straight forward after you've obtained the Override Device, as you'll be given a prompt (triangle) to override a machine once you get close enough. Striders, Chargers and Broadheads are the easiest machines to override, but once again, be careful of overriding the Watchers and Sawtooths.

How to get mounts

Mounts can be acquired from overriding machines like Chargers, Striders and Broadheads. These machines can be called from anywhere in the world, BUT if you die, the mount will go away and you will have to repeat the process. You can remedy this later by unlocking the ‘Call Mount + Skill’ which can be found in the Forager skill tree, you will be able to call a mount whenever you want if you currently don’t have one.

That’s how to override machines and mount them in Horizon: Zero Dawn. Make sure to check back on levelcamp for more Horizon: Zero Dawn guides, tips and more!

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