CNET Manufactured Nintendo Switch Kickstand Fails

CNET released a video manufacturing hate about the Nintendo Switch's kickstand.

The tech news website CNET recently released a piece about the Nintendo Switch and its kickstand being a failure which has their readers and other viewers from the YouTube community extremely upset. The video in question is titled "Kickstand fail: Watch the Nintendo Switch fall flat." where it desperately tries to make the kickstand out to be a failed design choice. 

Here is the video: 

This tactic is used quite often by tech news websites like CNET in the hopes to purposely release negative press for new devices like the Nintendo Switch to attract nerds like me just to get more clicks on their website. You will be surprised with how many people fall for the bait. 

In this specific scenario, CNET was attempting to illustrate how the kickstand fails quite often but they did so with a cringeworthy 90's style infomercial. The funniest part about this whole video is the only way they could knock the Switch down is by pushing it over. Now I'm no astrophysicist but if you push something over its obviously going to fall over.

The mainstream media and websites like CNET wonder why so many people have trust issues with them especially when they deliberately try to misrepresent a product or person just for personal gain. 

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