How to Defeat Any Enemy in Horizon Zero Dawn

Not sure what enemies you’re up against in Horizon Zero Dawn? We got you covered with a short guide on how to defeat each creature.

Having trouble taken on the new creatures in Horizon Zero Dawn? Don’t worry because we got you covered. Below is a list of each mechanized enemy you will face within the game. We will give you some tips and tricks on how to take down even the hardest of enemies. So kick back and start getting to know what you’re up against.


As a mountable robot they are generally passive, unless you want to pick a fight with them of course. Like the striders, you there will be a yellowish cylindrical object on their backside. That is their weak spot so aim there for an easier kill.  


These vicious robots are basically a tougher version of the Grazer. Similar to the Grazers, these robots will run within their packs. Be careful when taking on a pack of them by taking on one at a time. Be weary of their antlers as they do a hefty amount of damage.


As a frost-type robot they are naturally weak to fire. Now that you know what element to use, force these robots to the ground or just wait. Anyway you pick it should be an easy fight as long as they are on the ground and not in the air.


Corruptors are overly-aggressive bots with a wide-range of attacks. Dodge their attacks at your own means. Best advice I can give is to use fire whenever they land.


The name doesn’t lie, these robots will alert every nearby robot to your position if spotted. Watchers are a priority to get rid of. Aim for their eyes as they will be glowing blue and serve as their weak spot.


Striders are low-level robots that can get the best of you if you are not careful. On their backsides you will notice a cylindrical object, that is their weak point so be sure to aim there.


Grazers are just like Watchers but move in larger numbers. It would not be smart of you to attack all the Grazers at the same time, so make sure to lure them out one at a time. Similar to the Striders, there is a flammable yellowish cylindrical object on their back that serves as their weak spot.


Scrappers love to move together as a group. Just like most enemies that move in a group, lure them out one at a time and handle them separately. Their weak spot is a power cell on their backsides.

Redeye Watchers

These robot are a powered up version of watchers. They should be handled the same as watchers, only with a little more carefulness. <


These robots are a powerhouse when it comes to melee and ranged attacks, Ravagers can be quite a problem if left alone. Fire is once again your greatest tool of defense. Use those Fire Arrows to drop that beast.


The Rockbreakers weak spot is kind of hard to see, but look closely at the robots underbelly as their will be an object attached to it. Justa s it is hard to see the weak spot, it is hard to hit it as well. Try to slow the beast down by using frost and try again.


The Longlegs have a couple of weak spots that you can attack, an example would be the blue objects on its back. Deal with these robots quick as they are pretty aggressive and have a stun. If you were thinking of hiding by laying low in grass, Don’t as it will do you no good.


Tramplers pack a considerable amount of damage, however, they are not that hard to take down. These robots do not have a weak spot, just make sure not to face more than one of these at a time and you should be fine.


Best advice we can give for a Shell-Walker encounter is to stick to attacking from the rear. Their is no reason for fighting this beast head on, just fire a  handful of armor piercing arrows and you should be fine.

Freeze Bellowbacks

Freeze Bellowbacks are the twins of Fire Bellowbacks. The only difference between the two is the change in types of attacks, Freeze Bellowbacks will be using frost attacks. Other than that, everything about the Fire Bellowback works well on its counter part.


Chargers are extremely aggressive robotic bulls and are especially relentless. Take them out quickly so you won’t have to worry about their charge attack. Take note of the yellowish cylinders on their back, as those are the chargers weak spots.


The Stalkers name does not lie, as these robots can be found lurking  in hard-to-see places. Not to mention they can go invisible and attack you if you are not paying attention. If you can get the jump on these pests, target the yellow sections on their back to deal extra damage. Did i mention they also have some traps they can use. Yeah these robots are a real pain in the you know where.


The behemoth looks like a charger but bigger and deadlier. These beast have some thick armor, consider wearing it down if you wish to deal a good chunk of damage. As for their weak spot, look under their belly and around their legs. There will be a nice yellowish objects just asking to get targeted.


Stormbirds like to avoid touching the ground at all cost. You need to be quick on your feet once they do so you can make the most of your opportunity. If waiting is not your thing pull out that bow and take shot at it while it flies through the sky. Their weak spot is located around their neck, so be sure to aim their for a quick kill.


If you ever wanted to see a robotic alligator nows your chance. Snapmaws have a feisty frost attack which you should counter by using a well timed fire arrow. Take note of some objects directly underneath the robot's mouth. A well placed fire arrow will blow the creature inside out.

Fire Bellowbacks

When fighting the Fire Bellowback be sure to hit the objects on its back. Using a fire arrow on the spots on its back should set the creature ablaze. This can be a little difficult, but it is one of the fastest ways to defeat this beast.

Corrupted Machines

Corrupted Machines are the powered up versions of all the robotic creature mentioned about. The same weakness carry over from their previous form to this one, so their is nothing you have to relearn. An important thing to note is that all the Corrupted Machines are weak to fire ( NO MATTER WHAT).  

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