Playstation VR Aim Controller Brings VR To Another Level

If you thought VR was cool enough, wait until you see what the Playstation VR Aim Controller has to offer

If you’ve ever wanted to experience first person shooter games in virtual reality, the Playstation VR system has got you covered with their insanely cool Aim Controller. Bringing a fully functional VR weapon into play will change the VR game for good, and by the looks of it, Sony knows that. Originally showcased in the 2016 E3 trailer for “Farpoint”, the Aim Controller gives players a precise way of playing shooters in virtual reality without irritating and faulty sensors and poor reception. This fully functional controller adds the use of two thumbsticks and all vital playstation controller controls for optimal compatibility with any kind of shooter.

Obviously, any Virtual Reality developer wants to push bounders, and Playstation right now, is at the forefront of boundary pushing with their entire VR lineup. Immersion into first person shooters has never been more ideal than it is with the Playstation VR Aim Controller. Up until now, the official release of the Playstation VR Aim Controller was still being questioned; however, Playstation has now confirmed that the aim controller, along with its first compatible game, Farpoint, will be hitting shelves on May 16th, 2017. If you’re a player who wants to test out the PSVR Aim Controller hardware, you’ll want to act quick because there’s no doubt supply will be limited.

With the official announcement of the Playstation VR Aim Controller releasing in just a few months, let’s speculate on what other titles we could eventually see release with Aim Controller compatability.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare + Future Titles: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare did focus heavily on its sole virtual reality aspect, and how that players can take a VR gun into battle with them, Call of Duty would be crazy to ignore the possibilities that the aim controller brings.

Imagine a Modern Warfare Remastered virtual reality mission. Say All Ghillied Up, One Shot One Kill, or even FNG made their way to VR. Endless fun would be had, especially with the addition of the Playstation VR Aim Controller. Of course, Virtual Reality is an industry that is constantly expanding, and looking forward, future Call of Duty titles are bound to have heavy focuses on any VR aspects, whether it be a whole campaign, or just a mission or two. 

Battlefield 1 + Future Titles: We’d be silly not to mention the Battlefield franchise as an option for future Virtual Reality experiences, and although Battlefield 1 didn’t launch with any Virtual Reality plans, that shouldn’t deter you from any possibility of VR DLC or implantation of Virtual Reality tech in future Battlefield titles.

Destiny 2: Destiny 2 might have the best possibilities of being a VR enhanced game out of all the FPS titles that come to mind. Bungie is creative, to say the least, and they’d be taking VR to the extreme if they decided to move forward with Virtual Reality missions for Destiny 2.

It’s plain to see Virtual Reality is at the forefront of the gaming industry’s focus moving forward. As something that, five years ago was laughed at, it’s now at an all time higher, and that bar will only be moving higher and time goes on. Expect to see huge Virtual Reality announcements dropping left and right from all developers this year at E3. It’s definitely possible that other VR developers start focusing on accessories similar to the Aim Controller, and hopefully this sparks a “VR accessories” movement, if you will. As far as it goes for Playstation, we think they’re holding the top place in terms of VR innovation for now, and hopefully they keep riding that high as we move closer and close to E3 2017.

Since we now have an official release date for the Playstation VR Aim Controller, Playstation’s so called “secret weapon”, we should be expecting the announcement of more compatible titles during their keynote press conference at E3. Who knows, maybe even more Virtual Reality tech is on its way as well.

Will you be picking up the PS VR Aim Controller come May 16th, or will you be waiting to see what Playstation has up their sleeves for E3 2017? Let us know in the comments below!

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