Nvidia Announces GTX 1080Ti!! Costs $699, 11GB VRAM!

Nvidia has just announced the GTX 1080Ti!

The graphics card company Nvidia has their annual celebration where they showcase new hardware and advancements in graphics card technology. They just unveiled their new GTX series graphics card the Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti. This graphics card has 11 gigs of Vram out of the box making it better than the GTX Titan. The character demo from the game Paragon shows that the card was running at 66 degrees. The stock 1080ti is 35% faster than the GTX 1080.

Some notable specs:

Cuda Cores: 3584


Price:  $699

Release Date: Next Week (1st Week of March)

Nvidia's brand new GPU is in full production meaning you will be able to pick up one if you can fork out the $699 price tag. For all things gaming news and Nvidia graphics cards stay tuned to LevelCamp.com and follow us on social media. 

We will update this thread with full specs!

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