Black Ops 3 DLC 5 Looks to Come Out Soon!

Black Ops 3 DLC 5 looks to be coming sooner rather than later with all the hints that lay in the open

Black Ops 3 DLC 5 is something that fans have wanted for a while now and it looks like it’s on its way to our consoles sooner rather than later! Thanks to many leaks, inferences and game files, we can piece together what will be our DLC 5 in Black Ops 3 and perhaps deduce when we will see it coming to a full release. Nonetheless, the evidence is compelling to those who either are directly on board with the idea or for those that are the naysayers.

So let’s start with the evidence; the full, one hundred percent confirmed status of content within Black Ops 3 within the upcoming year. We know fully that we are promised a full year of content in Black Ops 3 thanks to the recent Activision earnings call (the same call that confirmed boots on the ground Call of Duty in 2017 and other things from the company). We know fully that we will be getting weapons and reskins of melee weapons, that’s something that we can fully expect and should not be a surprise at this point due to how successful they were at driving sales of supply drops. However, what is interesting is that Jason Blundell mentioned this exact sentiment in a stream just before Christmas in which the whole general message of the stream was for Treyarch to say: ”Hey, thanks for the support and oh, here’s this cool info!”. In that stream, Blundell debuted the newest feature to Zombies, Newton’s Cookbook, in which players could trade unused Gobblegum for a rarer one by “crafting” the item. However, when asked if there was anything else to add to the status of content in Black Ops 3 in 2017, Blundell said “I’m afraid I can’t say anything… right now”.

The clear appeal to the phrase right now may not seem like much to many people, but it was done intentionally. If you have come to follow the ways of Treyarch over their last decade of making games in Call of Duty, you will know fully that they love Easter eggs, they love messing with you and they do everything for a reason. We cannot deny that this is fishy coming from the man who left us a Morse code message in a trailer for Zombies by blinking at the camera. If that doesn’t put into perspective how detailed and thorough they are, will anything? That brings up the next question of the void that is the entirety of 2017. We have content but there is still eight months until the release of Call of Duty 2017 so this right now that Blundell referred to may very well point to a reveal at a later point in time.

Next up, let’s talk about leaks. Whether you want to take a look at game files or supposed insider information, there’s been loads thrown around for the idea of a DLC 5 in Black Ops 3. The most recent rumor and leak comes from a YouTuber by the name of TheGamingRevolution who, admittedly has a wishy washy track record, but he does have a few credible leaks under his belt. The entirety of Gorod Krovi, Black Ops 3’s third DLC, was leaked from him and his insider information. He claims to have had contact with some developers at Treyarch who confirmed to him that a DLC 5 would be coming and sooner than we may think. But the moral of that story is that it is one hundred percent coming.

But all things considered, and especially if you want to take a look at something more in depth than someone’s word, there’s more that can and will point towards the existence of a Black Ops 3 DLC 5. Game code is something that is often referred to with leaks because it is so credible. It is physically in the game’s base build, the core files that help produce maps, customization, or in the case of leaks, content that has yet to be released to the public. That happened recently as many, many files were added into the game code following a Black Ops 3 game update in which assets for the maps Origins and Ascension were added into the game code. Initially, it would be easy to shrug these off as pieces of Revelations, but what is completely out of the ordinary is that Ascension has no place in Black Ops 3 zombies. Zero. None.

Revelations can be argued due to the location in Revelations where there is a section of Origins, but what goes even further into the rabbit hole of DLC 5 speculation is that these assets (more specifically, completely remade visual schematics for the map) are for a part of the map that is not in Revelations at all. Additionally, Revelations files were in the game code for months now, even before the release of the fourth map, but Ascension had assets in the game code way before that as well, once again pointing to no particular end location. What’s even more interesting is that these files keep getting updated. So if there was another reason for Ascension to be continually updated and more files added in other than Black Ops 3 DLC 5… What is it?

Perhaps what can be labeled as another leak additionally adding to the case of Black Ops 3 DLC 5 is that Steam themselves added another variable to this puzzle. On January 13th of this year, Steam and Treyarch updated Black Ops 3 with an unknown application for the PC version of Black Ops 3. The update, listed with the ID of 581450 and titled SteamDB Unknown App 581450 had no information granted to it. Everything else listed described exactly what the update was (such as CODE Valor Calling Cards, 1,000 Call of Duty Points, etc). What’s even more interesting is that Steam and Treyarch updated the game in the exact same manner prior to DLC launches. If you were to check this months ago, there would be the same listings with different IDs that would later become full-fledged DLC map packs. This mystery still remains open.

Perhaps the final piece of information that we can take into consideration with all the DLC 5 speculation and what honestly could be confirmation is the continuation of the modified loading screens. For years, fans have poured over every single image in the loading screens of maps upon release. With that, it was absolutely no challenge for Zombies fanatics to catch what happened when map loading screens were changed within the lifespan of Black Ops 3. We initially had Der Riese changed for the DICE Summit in July of 2015 which later turned into The Giant, a remake of the classic World at War map. We later had the Moon, Nuketown and Ascension loading screens changed around to which we still have no answers as to why they were altered. The alterations lead many fans to the idea that we will be getting a remaster or remake of each of these maps with perhaps more on the way.

No matter how you decide to look at it, there’s too much compelling evidence that keeps this case wide open and very may well point to a DLC 5 in Black Ops 3 coming very, very soon. You may be able to debug a few pieces of this in your mind, but to cross reference and deny all of the pieces of the puzzle are nearly impossible. There’s too much on the table to say no to a DLC 5 and with insider information coming in alongside leaks and inferences, we should start prepping for the DLC 5 grind!

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