Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 1

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 1 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: M01 Iron Dragon

Location: South Ossetian Autonomous Region

Date: April 16th, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Neutralize tent camp
  • Secure the Caves
  • Reach the extraction zone
  • Capture or Kill Papashvili (if you capture then you unlock Will Jacobs, if you kill then you don’t get any reward)

First Part - Drop Zone:

First you are going to take your team over to the first hill and slowly go down the other side of it. Down below you will see enemies within the trees, grab your trusty sniper rifle and find that special spot to take them out at. There will be three soldiers, take them out in a stealthy fashion. Enemies tend to blend in with the background easily on this mission so check your surroundings. Be careful during this mission because your radar will want to send you directly to the caves, do not do this, instead you must kill most of Papa’s troopers to get the bonus Ghost.

Second Part - Machine Gun Bunker:

Now that you have taken down most of Papa’s troops, head west until you receive an alert from your Sniper that there is a bunker located ahead. Inside this bunker will be a machine gun soldier and if he sees you at all, he will unleash hell upon you. Just like the previous part, you want to take the stealthy route and take him out with your sniper in a good location.

Once you take the machine gunner out, head up the hill and gaze to your right where you will see three soldiers with one carrying a machine gun. Before you start taking guys out, be careful because if they figure out where you are then there is a enemy unit that will barge in from the West to take you out. Like usual, take the stealthy route and snipe them out. You may have to switch to your rifle a few times if the second unit gets too close to you. Take them out one at a time and don’t make any dumb mistakes, take your time and don’t sacrifice any of your men.

Third Part - All Eyes on You:

Run to the left side of the bunker and have your sniper in hand. At the top of the hill you will be overlooking a mountain where you will see two small banks with a path between them. There will be a sniper located to the left near the sandbags and will pick you off in a second. Take him out as soon as possible because he tends to be good at hide and seek.

Fourth Part - Yonder Mountains East:

Move up the middle path until you come to find a small plateau. Around this area will be two three-man squads of enemies that go back and forth from the Tent Camp to the West Mountain Pass. They carry grenade launchers so be careful. Keep an eye on your radar for any movements because they can between any part of this area. Grenades are very useful in this part so use them to your advantage. After taking out the enemies, return back to the plateau.

Fifth Part - Campground:

As you head up the plateau, you’ll reach the Tent Village, the same location from Objective 1. Move slowly until you are near the campground, then take down the whole team. There will be four enemies around the perimeter of the campground and two carry machine guns and grenade launchers. Take them out in whatever fashion you wish, but make sure to have your backup squad patrolling behind you.

Sixth Part - Mongo

After clearing the campground, make your way to the caves. To do this, run besides the northern border of the map and keep the mountains on your side as cover. If soldiers pop out, take them out a swift style. There will be one soldier who has special traits. He does not react to gunfire and he kind of just stands there with no reactions at all. Take him out when you wish but be sure to note that the other enemies will hear you take him out. Keep continuing until you spot a small plains area and the entrance to Papa’s cave. There will be a three man enemy unit, take them out and move to the cave.

Seventh Part - The Cave:

Finally you are at the cave. Enemies are in the cave of course and the stealthy approach is the best by drawing each enemy outside of the cave and taking them out with your sniper from a distance. Or, you can be the run-n-gun type and throw some grenades and rush on in to the cave. Be sure to turn on your night vision and head on in to the cave. Navigate through the caves carefully and always double check rooms before entry in case of extra enemies. You will find Papa in there writing his grocery list. Do not kill him.

Eighth Part - You Must Resist:

You must not kill Papa. Take Papa and bring him back to the Drop Zone from earlier in the mission. There will be a few enemies left on the way and they will be near the drop zone. Always check surroundings for hiding troops. Once you have taken out the troops, return him to the drop zone and the mission is completed!

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