Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC Details

Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC Will Be Based On The Biggest WW1 Battles

Battlefield 1's Apocalypse Exansions is set to feature some of the biggest battles in the great war and today we'll be looking at all the maps, weapons and vehicles that may come to the future DLC.

Although we won’t be seeing Battlefield 1’s Apocalypse DLC for some time, that is not slowing fans down from hopping on the hype train and speculating on what awesome content could within the final Battlefield 1 DLC. When initially announced, DICE stated that the Apocalypse DLC would focus heavily on the “most infamous battles of World War 1” and would feature many of the weapons that were “created in desperation.” So right off the bat, we know this DLC will be huge, and DICE clearly is planning to send Battlefield 1 off with a bang.

Since we now know that the Apocalypse DLC will feature maps based on the biggest and most important battles of World War 1, we can easily speculate on what battles will be featured based on their respective death counts and overall importance during World War 1.

We should also mention, the Battle of Verdun would land on this list since it was one of the biggest battles of World War 1. However, it will make its way into Battlefield 1 later this month as part of the They Shall Not Pass DLC.

The Hundred Days Offensives: The Hundred Days Offensives was a nickname given to a series of offensives that imitated in August 1918 and included the Battle of Amiens and the advance to the Hindenburg Line. Concluding in November of 1918 with a total death count of approximately 1,855,369, the Hundred Days Offensive was the bloodiest “battle” and time of fighting during World War 1. It would be surprising if this offensive weren't at least mentioned within the Apocalypse DLC as it was the final period of fighting during World War 1.

The German Spring Offensives: Similar to the Hundred Days Offensives, the German Spring Offensives was a name given to the series of advanced the German army made towards the Western Front in March of 1918. Coming to an end in July of 1918, these few short months were listed as the second deadliest period during World War 1, resulting in a total death count exceeding 1,530,000. As this was one of the biggest movements by any side in World War 1, this is another great contender for referencing in the Apocalypse DLC. The German’s made unforeseen advances during this period and the Spring Offensives are considered to be one of the higher points for the German’s during their time in World War 1.

The Battle of Somme: The bloodiest day in British Military history occurred during the time span of the Battle of Somme, with a total of 19,240 British soldiers confirmed as killed within 24 hours. A joint battle between the British and French against the advancing German Army resulted in over a million total casualties and hundreds of both land and air vehicles destroyed for both sides. The Battle of Somme is considered to be the most infamous battle involving the British army, and we’re sure to see it included in the Apocalypse DLC later this year.

Although the Battle of Somme is already within Battlefield 1's They Shall Not Pass DLC, it's entirely likely that a different part of battle could make it to the Apocalypse DLC.

The First Battle of the Marnes: In September of 1914, the British and French armies successfully put a stop to the opposing German Forces that would last for roughly a month after retreating. The First Battle of the Marnes significantly marked the end of mobile warfare on the Western Front and would lead World War 1 into the trench warfare period.

With how anticipated the Apocalypse DLC is already, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw references to all of previously mentioned battles and offensives in one way or another. Regardless of what infamous battles do end up making their way into Battlefield 1 via the Apocalypse DLC; players are sure in for an awesome send off to one of the most beloved Battlefield games in history.

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