New Secret 5th Mission Team In Infinite Warfare Is On The Way!

A new 5th and secret mission team called Blood Anvil is coming to Infinite Warfare

Infinite Warfare was confirmed to get a new mission team within the next upcoming weeks but it seems the newest arrival, Blood Anvil, is already popping up around the community in random games and lobbies. We were promised another mission team, perhaps more, with time as players progressed further and further into the ranks of the current mission teams in Infinite Warfare. Among this recent content updates of weapons, emblems (soon) and other things to tide players over while they await DLC 2, Blood Anvil is just the newest addition to the game’s content.

Blood Anvil goes all the way back to November 7th as dataminers on Reddit took a look at the game code. Compiled deep within the assets and game files were a few things that stood out to miners. Posted over on Reddit by the moderator LackingAGoodName were the first initial images of Blood Anvil in the likes of the insignia and call sign patch. The patch, bearing the name “Blood Anvil” as well as holding a closed fist with a sledgehammer seems fitting to what we have now information wise. However, up until this point, we had nothing to go on except this insignia.

Following suit, later on in the months as time went on, on January 2nd of this year, we had another development in the story and case that is Blood Anvil. Along with the datamined insignia and patch for Blood Anvil in Infinite Warfare, we now had a full fledged video filed that was pulled from the game code. This wasn’t something that someone photoshopped together or edited rather brilliantly; this was a full video asset that is queued up to play upon the first selection of the mission team as all the others have.

The footage (embedded below) displays your character being dragged off into a broken and run down facility and off in the distance we can see the shape of a character. That character goes by the name of Commander Viktor Krushkin and he relays a rather stern message to your character about Blood Anvil: “So, here you are at last. Everything has led to you this. All the missions, all the killings, brings you to us. But you are not Blood Anvil yet. You have to prove yourself, with blood and fire. Be the best, kill the most, complete your missions without any questions and then… we will see if you are truly Blood Anvil. And I, Commander Viktor Krushkin, will be your judge. Get to work!” A rather intriguing monologue.

That brings us to the last few days. Infinite Warfare was recently updated to showcase new weaponry in the Quartermaster (as well as available to players free with the Season Pass and via challenges) as well as to make way for a few updates coming in the near future. In this update, Infinite Warfare will randomly play another piece of intel on Blood Anvil for you. Currently, it is not known what triggers the quote, but the notifications will pop up as you would have when unlocking another mission team. The transmission comes over the coms as “Classified” and showcases the image of Commander Krushkin as well as the long awaited Blood Anvil insignia/patch. The message goes as follows: “I’ve been watching you. You heard of Blood Anvil? You’re not good enough…” and the transmission ends just as abruptly as it comes in.

However, the one major difference with this is that it confirms 100% that Blood Anvil is our new mission team and is coming very, very soon to Infinite Warfare. If there was any shadow of doubt of the legitimacy of Blood Anvil in the previous leaks and datamined files, this removes all doubt from your mind. The message from Krushkin is something that plays in a regular public match, on the current build of Infinite Warfare. It can happen to anyone now at this point.

The only question that remains is when will we see Blood Anvil’s introduction? There is a lot of open space for content in the upcoming weeks spread across three Call of Duty titles (Black Ops 3, Modern Warfare Remastered, Infinite Warfare) and we will most likely see it come to the game before the month is over. With so much open time and so much promised in Infinite Warfare within the upcoming weeks, it’s a safe bet these items and features will be staggered across multiple weeks to fill up the calendar and to allow players to digest each new piece to the Call of Duty cuisine.

With all said and done, we have Blood Anvil coming in the very near future and if you’re looking to grind a new team with new great rewards, this is the time to stay alert and focused. With much criticism on Infinite Warfare in recent months, it is a great relief to see updates like the one recently happening. A brand new mission team is greatly welcomed and the accompanying fact of free weapons is always nice too. Blood Anvil is coming, be ready, stay frosty!

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