All Future Factions & Vehicles Coming to Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Has More Factions and Vehicles Coming In DLC

DICE has officially announced the full DLC lineup for Battlefield 1, and with the first of the 4 DLC’s, They Shall Not Pass, releasing later this month, anticipation for new content within the game at an all-time high.

Battlefield 1’s full DLC lineup sets to take players into some of World War 1's buggest battles with new weapons, vechicles and factions. Previously, all we knew about Battlefield 1’s DLC was that the They Shall Not Pass DLC, the first pack coming to Battlefield one, would be hitting the market sometime in March and bringing new weapons and a new playable faction. They Shall Not Pass will bring the French army to the game and feature some of Battlefield's most interesting maps that have ever beenc created in the franchise.

In total, Battlefield 1 will be receiving 20 new weapons and 16 multiplayer maps, or four maps and five weapons per DLC pack. In addition to this, EA and DICE has also announced the names of the other 3 DLC packs and some of the content included in each.

Battlefield 1 DLC 2 will be titled In The Name of the Tsar and will focus on the Russian’s impact in World War 1 which will finally include snowy maps coming to Battlefield 1. For more details The Name Of The Tsar, you can click here.

Battlefield 1 DLC 3 will be titled Turning Tides and will be focusing on more naval warfare. The Battle of Gallipoli will also feature an inspiration for the multiplayer maps in this DLC. It’s likely that Turning Tides will bring the addition of new vehicles to Battlefield 1 multiplayer as well. For more details on Turning Tides, you can click here.

Finally, Battlefield 1 DLC 4 will be titled Apocalypse and will have all of its focus directed towards the biggest battles of World War 1. We previously covered all the possible battles that could be included in the Apocalypse DLC here

Now that we know all of the future DLC plans for Battlefield 1, players can look forward to each respective DLC and the contents of each before release. As discovered earlier this week, it seems early access is available in the time before each DLC’s release via the Community Test Environment (CTE) server for bug and exploits testing. Players with a premium pass will be able to play the new maps and use new weaponry on the CTE server days, maybe even weeks, before the launch of a particular DLC.

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