Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 2

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 2 in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: Eager Smoke

Location: South O.A.R

Date: April 24th, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Free and extract the pilot
  • Free and extract the weapons officer
  • Return the hostages to the drop zone
  • Explode downed F18

First Part - Scared of the Dark?:

Get ready to use your night vision goggles in this mission. Take your Alpha team and head East until you come to a fence that goes along to a stream in the Southeast corner. Along the way there might be some enemies so be prepared at all times to engage in gunfights. When you reach the stream, you will being to crawl up the hill until you see a barn. This barn is home to soldiers, one hostage, and tons of gunfights.

The barn is filled with enemies so be careful and take your time. There will be three soldiers who are easy to take out, and on the right side a couple of guys who are talking. There will be another soldier on the left in an animal pen. If one enemy spots you, all of them will engage so once again, be careful. Best route for this situation is to take out the guy on the left with the sniper, then run to the right side of the barn to get cover. Use the barn walls as a shield and rush the corner before they take you out. Make your way to the woods and get ready to pick them off.

There will be a sniper who set up shop in the loft, leave him for now. Rush your Bravo squad to the barn wall with you and on the rod to the right will be enemies patrol. Do not let your squad be seen on the road by the enemy patrollers. Keep squad Alpha’s sniper focused on the sniper in the loft, take him out as soon as he peeks out.

Second Part - Freedom!:

Now that we cleared that wave, it is time to free the weapons officer from the farmhouse. Move Bravo down to the right of the road, if they did not kill the road patrol unit then they will have to take them out now, if they did then continue moving. Stay to the right of the road to avoid the western patrols. Move both of your teams to the field on the east side of the house when you arrive. Order Alpha behind the large hay bales and leave Bravo in the bushes.

Using the hay as cover, take your sniper out and take out as many soldiers you can see near the farmhouse. Once you’ve taken all of the enemies out, move to the porch and run to the west side. Two enemies will be on the road, possibly more, toss a grenade to take them out quickly.

Third Part - Boom:

Go to the door of the farmhouse, the hostage will be located on the 2nd floor so open the door and throw a grenade into the house. Hopefully the grenade should take out both the 1st floor soldiers. If it did not clear them then you will have to barge in and do it yourself. One is in the upper hallway cleverly hidden behind a doorway to the far right. Go to the corner and the hallway, the hostage will be sitting in an empty room. But it’s not empty. Right to the left of the door will be a soldier, move slow and take him out once you are able to.

Fourth Part - Retreat:

Now that you have the hostage it is time to bring him to the Drop Zone. Head northwest taking cover behind the hay as you make your way. Two patrols will be near the F18, one before it and one watching over it. Take the first team out and not get both of them on you at once. Send in your demolitions man once you take both teams out for him to set the charges. Get back to the drop zone, stay on the northern side on the way. Some patrol units will be around you so keep the hostages secured and safe. Once you reach the drop zone, your mission is completed!

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