Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 3

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 3 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: M01 Stone Bell

Location: South Ossetian Autonomous Region

Date: May 2nd, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Remove Northeast patrol
  • Remove Southwest patrol
  • Prevent headquarters invasion
  • Zero NATO casualties

First Part - No Recklessness!:

Before you embark on this mission, you must know that you have to remove both the north and south patrols and the only way is to split Alpha and Bravo up to take out both at once. Alpha handles north and Bravo handles the south patrol. Move to take out the patrols right away and time is not in your favor. You have to take out 40 enemies and 2 tanks so let's make sure to move fast!

Second Part - Time is of the essence:

Once again, time is not on your side. Both of your squads must move at the same time. Send Bravo to the wooded area near the Railroad car on the map. Take Alpha aroudn the back o the headquarters and continue up the mountain area. When you reach the top, turn towards northeast and keep on to the edge of the cover area and continue until you see an area between 2 large rocks and a railroad track. Three enemies will be on the hill area, make sure to kill them quickly before they hide behind the rocks. Once you take them out, move towards the tracks to your right and another set of enemies will appear. Take both of them out and then move Alpha onto the tracks towards the bridge.

Third Part - Bravo!:

Switch to your Bravo squad, you should be near the railcar area. The squad might be under fire, take out all of the enemies near you. Stay until reinforcements appear, the tanks will begin to move in on the headquarters. Once you complete objective 2, move to the railcar and quickly take out as many enemies as you can. You are going to have to help Alpha at the headquarters right away. They will come from the northwest and one brought a grenade launcher, kill them all.

Fourth Part - NATO

Four enemies will be coming to you from the east, four more on the road and also tanks from the rear. You're in a sticky situation here. Head east to intercept the patrol unit where the NATO soldiers should be able to handle the road patrol. Make sure to get to the bridge and take control of the Demolitions Operative. Take aim at the nearest tank, you will be under heavy fire but taking out the tanks is most important. Take out the enemy tanks. Once you finish the enemies and tanks, the eastern patrol unit will be approaching you, be sure to take them out fast and meet back with Bravo to take on the last of the Russians.

Fifth Part - Defend:

The rest of the mission is about defending the headquarters. Enemies will be all around you, toughen up and prepare for a long battle. Clear the map with precise shots and clever vantage points. Once you clear all of the enemies out, the mission is over and you completed one of the toughest moments of the game.

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