Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 4

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 4 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: Black Needle

Location: Republic of Georgia

Date: May 7th, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Clear the crossroads
  • Meet U.N. troops
  • Extract U.N troops
  • Keep all of your troops alive

First Part - The Bridge:

Cross the hill and then move southwest to a road the ends at a bridge. Right before the bridge will be a patrol unit. Kill the three soldiers while being sure to hit the enemy in the shack too. He will trying to sound the alarm once you make noise so hurry. Once the enemy in the shack is dead, send Bravo squad to the eastern side of the bridge by the trees and they will give cover fire. Most enemies will come from the south of the bridge but look out for troops in the southern woods as well. Once you've taken all of the enemies out, move northwest and take aim on the small shed with the door open. Patrols will be in the area so hold your position and and fire on them when they come into your scope. The second patrol unit will take cover so you will have to go out and get them.

Second Part - U.N.:

It is time to split up Alpha and Bravo and send ALpha through the woods to the west and Bravo up the east side of the road. Four enemies will be near the walls, take them out quickly. Return to Bravo and run while being catious that two enemies will be right in the sight of the village. Take them out while on the run. Four russions will be in the village that need to be eliminated scattered across the village. Once you kill them, collect the U.N. team and escape.

Third Part - Surprise!:

Head back to the crossroads and get ready to be ambushed by 10 soldiers, 5 per team that are waiting. Make sure to keep both Peacekeepers alive all the way to the drop zone. Move both squads down the east side of the road and go to higher ground so you can snipe the area. This fight can be tough and long, but use precise shots and good cover to make it easier. Move back to the bridge and troops might drop in on you so be cautious. The hill that you fought on first will now be filled with enemies, so remain in position until there is no threat. The other side of the hill will have a couple soldier left, take them out and head to the Drop Zone with both of your squads.

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