Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 6

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 6 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: Witch Fire

Location: Izborsk, Russia

Date: June 6th, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Get pictures from the south house
  • Get maps from the north house
  • Return to the drop zone
  • Destroy mobile SAM

First Part - Welcome to my House:

Head east towards the open area, in the north house there will be four enemies. Take them out right away. Use your sniper so they will not spot you. Keep aim on the road since enemies regularly run across there. Send Aplha to the woods to the east and leave Bravo on the ground facing south watching the road. Face Alpha towards the woods north to find the southeast house. Soldiers will ambush you once you open fire on the house soldiers but good thing Bravo will be in position to take them out. Slowly move in until you see the guards that usually talk ont he porch. Take them out with your sniper and then take out the soldiers inside who will fire once the door opens. Almost every room in the house will have enemies in it so be prepared. Try and snipe as many as you can from outside and then open fire on the inside. 

Second Part - The Fortress:

Send Bravo to the south of the fortress near the gate. Take Alpha to the southwest gate of the fortress and only move into the gate's tunnel area somewhat. Keep your head down to dodge attacks and you should see 6 soldiers in the courtyard. 3 in the north field, and 3 by the car in front of the second house. Do not let them run to the northeast corner to radio for help, or else a second patrol unit will arrive as backup. Once you kill them, go northwest until you reach the entrance. With your sniper, aim on the main entrance to the north where you will see several enemies. Take them all out. Now head northwest to the house and kill the two soldiers in the windows. Run to a corner and get down, call in bravo to the southeast corner so they can take out the attackers from behind. Once they are all dead, go to the northwest house and go inside.

Third Part - SAM:

Southwest of the gate and to the top of the hill will be SAM. SAM is a missle launcher and there will be 3 enemies around it. Blow it up once all of them are near it. Now head back to the drop zone and always be prepared for enemies on the way. Head north until you are at the top of the map then head east, watch the woods for enemies then ride to another MRE. The mission is over.

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