Destiny Personalization Will Carry Over To Destiny 2

Bungie is rounding up this week with a bang, announcing an upcoming event for Destiny, and releasing new information on Destiny 2!

Destiny 2, the upcoming sequel the Bungie’s hit, Destiny, is so far, a mystery to most fans. Not much information has been released about the game thus far, but with E3 2017 on the rise, that is sure to change. Earlier today, Bungie announced the Age of Triumph live event, set to take place at the end of March, as well as some new information regarding the sequel to destiny, Destiny 2. Unfortunately, any Eververse-related items will NOT carry over into Destiny 2, but character personalization will! Bungie stated in a press release that the class, race, gender, face, hair, and markings of your original Destiny characters will all carry over into the realm of Destiny 2. So no need to fear, you and your beloved guardian(s) won’t have to say goodbye quiet yet, as long as you’ve achieved level 20 and completed the Black Garden campaign mission. Veteran accounts within Destiny will also receive awards and compensation for their time within Destiny 2.

Bungie also stated within this press release that more details and announcements regarding different aspects of Destiny 2 will be announced later this year. With a 2017 release being the most realistic for Destiny 2, chances are Bungie will have some major announcements coming this year at E3 2017.

As for Destiny, right now there are 3 major things going down within the next few weeks. On March 8th the Age of Triumph reveal will take place. A week after that on March 15th, the Age of Triumph Weekly Rituals will be announced, and on March 22nd the Age of Triumph Sandbox Update will go live.

For Destiny fans everywhere, the coming weeks and months will be some exciting ones and players should keep their eyes open for any new information regarding future updates for Destiny, and new announcements pertaining to Destiny 2!

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