Crackdown 3: Microsoft Reveals More Information About the Cloud

Microsoft  shares more information about how the Azure Cloud creates more power for Crackdown 3’s physics.

During a GDC 2017 panel in San Francisco that was attended by DualShockers, Xbox Azure Gaming Principal PM Joseph Cusimano revealed more information about how the Cloud compute work and perform in Crackdown 3.

A video comparing the physics on an Azure Cluster and physics running on a local machine was shown at the panel, unfortunately, filming the panel wasn’t allowed, that’s why the quality isn’t great. To be more specific, the local machine is a high end PC equipped with a GTX 980 TI. (a very powerful processor as well as quite a lot of memory)

As you can see on the left side, the buildings are separated in different colors. Each color represents a specific physics server spun-up

You’ll notice that on the left side, the buildings have an overlay with different colors. Each color represents an individual physics server, which computes its own volume within the world. The Azure Cluster has the ability to keep up frame rate drops, unlike the local and very powerful machine. The Azure Cluster is competent to distribute computations on numerous servers to endure the additional required processing power.

The simulation has been done multiple frames. This all creates a lot more physics power creating a ‘’truly massive destructible world.’’

Cusimano also said that with multiple players in the same world, the destruction goes beyond what a single machine can handle.

Crackdown 3 will be coming this year  on Xbox One as well as Windows 10. It’s set to release before the holiday season but a more specific date hasn’t been given.

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