Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 7

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 7 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: Paper Angel

Location: Lubana River, Latvia

Date: June 17th, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Blow up West Pylon
  • Blow up East Pylon
  • Return to the Drop Zone
  • Neutalize Camp Garrison

First Part - Cliffs:

Go west from the drop zone and go left when the hill becomes the river. Go to the small strip of land that connects to the eastern side of the river and follow it. Before you reach the pylon, you will run into a few enemies on the northern half of the east coast. Snipe them both. While moving south, keep your aim on the western coast and you can pick off as many as you can from long range with your sniper. Use the cliffs on the side as cover and don't get too close to the river or else you will be fired at. You are going to run into two more enemies that you can snipe at distance and they are located on the plateau above the breach. Once you kill them, turn back to the breach and watch for enemies while you call Bravo to go the same way.

Second Part - Tanks!:

Get ready to face some tanks when you reach the pylon, there will be two tanks waiting for you. Snipe the single patrol and a 5 man patrol unit will come down the cliffs on you. Blow them away before they reach the ground and then set the charges on the pylon. 

Third Part - Grenada:

Head back to the drop zone and head west until you are going downhill near a riverbank. Position yourself at the last part of the bush. Now scope in with your sniper at the tent camp. You can clear most of them by tossing grenades into the camp and with the help of your two teams.

Fourth Part - Hidden Passage:

Once you take out the camp, head to the left where a hidden passage will be through the rock area. The path will end at the river's west shoreline. Expect three enemies here if you didn't take them out earlier. Three more enemies will be at the other pylon, try to sniper them out. Set your charge on the pylon once you kill the enemies.

Fifth Part - Snipe:

It is time to leave but on the way you will run into groups of enemies, try to sniper them from the shore. Once you take them out, go to the top and go right into the trees. Have Bravo team meet you there.

Sixth Part - Launchers:

There will be 6 enemies waiting at the bottom of the hill and some have grenade launchers. Keep moving through them. Divide alpha and bravo down the north and south of the hill. Once you take them out, you can escape and the mission is over!

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