Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 8

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 8 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: Zebra Straw

Location: Venta, Lithuania

Date: June 24th, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Secure Village 2

  • Negate East Artillery

  • Negate West Artillery

  • Protect the tank

First Part - Get Ready!:

As soon as you start this mission, you are going to be under fire so get ready! You will be dropped into the middle of a large firefight with two teams of three enemies from the north and a team of two from the east. The only cover will be a small shack and stone wall northeast of you. Get to the corner of it and get down. To your right will be a group of 6 enemies, pick off as many as possible and they might be throwing grenades so be careful. Drop the enemies on the hill and then go help Alpha. Leave Bravo in the current position.A giant crate will be in the ground to the east with enemies, take them out.

Second Part - Air Support:

Gather up your team and send Bravo to the north road. A tank will appear at the west end and go to the eastern end. Keep Bravo protecting the tank updating their position as it moves. Bring Alpha northeast and take out the enemies around the tank. Move by the gap in the rock wall to find an american air support bomb an enemy tank in the east. When you approach the hill before the road, grenade the church courtyard. Three enemies, one with anti rockets will be there. Gun them down if the grenades don't work. Your tank will take out their tank so don't be frightened of it.

Third Part - Buildings:

You are going to enter a small village, send alpha and bravo in on different sides of the street. Throw grenades into every building in the area. These buildings will house enemies with grenade launchers and anti tank rockets as well. Once they are dead, head to the last building on the left where three more enemies will appear and one with a rocket. Take them out.

Fourth Part - Artillery:

Head southwest of the most distant pack of rocks and kill anyone that appears while moving north. Stop at the eastern border of the map to get a clear view of the artillery. You can take them out before they even know you are there.

Fifth Part - Western Artillery:

Time to take out the western artillery, two patrols cover the area in front of the gun. Drop them and head up the side of the mountain. Kill any enemies that appear and take out the gun and blow it to pieces. And once you do that, the mission is over!

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