Project Scorpio Will be Launching with Several New Games

Several new games will take advantage of project Scorpio’s high end hardware and will release alongside the Scorpio.

Now that the Nintendo Switch has launched, the next ‘big’ console to look forward to is the Xbox Scorpio. Many Xbox fans are looking forward to Microsoft’s new console after the not-so-successful Xbox One, especially because Microsoft is trying really hard to keep it a mystery and they don’t want anything to leak.

Juan Carlos González, current PR and Social Manager in Xbox Spain has been asked about the console price and the games we’ll be seeing with the launch. The reason why games we’re mentioned is because it’s a huge factor in why people buy consoles, for example; a lot of people bought the Nintendo Switch because they wanted to play the new Zelda game.

Unfortunately, Juan Carlos González wasn’t able to answer some questions that would’ve told us more about the Scorpio but he did at least he gave us a few details about games releasing alongside the Scorpio. Here’s what he said:

‘’We still do not have information we can share about the Project Scorpio price. What I can say is that there will be several launching games for the game console, with the respective benefits of the new hardware.’’

As to games, a more specific question was asked, regarding new IP’s currently unknown. Here’s what, Juan Carlos González said:

‘’There are projects and titles still unpublicized this year, that I am convinced they it will be a pleasure for many Xbox users and other users who have not taken the leap from. We will have to wait a little bit to share more details, but we already know some details and this year looks very good.’’

Xbox is trying to approach the release different this year since their last console release, the Xbox One was a ‘flop.’ To ensure a good and successful launch, Microsoft has decided to focus on some good games to support the new Scorpio.

Do you think the Scorpio is going to be successful and can it surpass Nintendo and Sony’s success? Let us down below.

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