Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 9

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 9 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: M09 Blue Storm

Location: Nereta Swamp, Latvia

Date: July 3rd, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Secure Village 2
  • Negate East Artillery
  • Negate West Artillery
  • Protect the tank

First Part – Island east:

Head over to the eastern island first, there will be twelve enemies there, it’s smart to take them out by surprise. The enemy’s primary force eastern patrols spans the south part of the island. To keep you from going to their main camp, they’ve set up two bunkers. The best way to do is is by going west as far as the land lasts, you’ll see a fallen tree on the western border. Take out the three enemies patrolling it, they won’t expect so it should be quite easy. Now take a dive in the swamp and proceed northwest, you’ll see a white light in the distance coming from a barrel on fire. Head over to it and have Alpha and Bravo crouch on top of the hill, wait to attack. Around four enemies will try to take you out first, try to kill the first, be careful because they’ll throw grenades. The next wave will bring three soldiers from the north. After taking out the first patrol, send Alpha and Bravo to the another coast to trap the second patrol.

Second Part – The North Island:

Place yourself in a trap to counter enemy attacks. There will be four russians skulk between the graveyard and the northern access road, that takes you to the north island. You can avoid them by going north-east but you’ll have to face a treacherous swamp and machine gunner, though he won’t be paying much attention so taking him out would be the best decision. The remaining part of the mission is pretty much murderers. They will be dresses like friendly snipers, there will be 7 of them. The best way is to expand your team across the map. The enemies will most likely come to you so it shouldn’t be that hard.

Third Part – The Capture:

The russian commander’s house can be found in the center of the map. (in the bog) The house is protected by six bodyguard, three of them have a machine gun and the three others have grenade launchers. Make you way over to the house from the north-west and head to the front of the door. Change to a soldier equipped with a weapon such as the M249. Sneak up to the door, go inside, spray the room with your weapon and leave. Repeat this until everyone is dead. Usually, five guards are downstairs and one upstairs. Be careful because the guy who’s upstairs will sneak up to you and kill you from behind. Now head north from the commander’s house. Make sure to stay away from enemies so don’t get close to the eastern island. When you get to the swamp, go north-west, it’ll be an empty area but there will be quite a lot of enemies at the top of the hill. Send your Alpha team up to the enemy camp on top the hill and send Bravo to a lower area between some trees, somewhere where they can see the camp on top of the hill. Let the Alpha team shoot first, they have a good shot. Enemies will gather in front of the Bravo team. Make sure to cover your flank, sometimes, enemies will sneak up to you from the side. The goal is to take out all three groups on the island. Make sure you take out everyone to proceed, don’t forget the bunkers. Finish objective three and that’s it, you completed the mission.

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