Xbox Scorpio Is a "Premium" Console & Will Cost More!

Xbox head, Phil Spencer, detailed a little of the price-point and "premium" status of the Xbox Scorpio

The Xbox Scorpio is now being branded a “Premium console” according to Xbox Head, Phil Spencer. With a ton of speculation and information looming on the horizon about the new and upcoming console by Xbox, there’s a lot to discuss, a lot to get out of the way and a lot to want to know going into further information reveals. Spencer detailed a little bit of everything in that pie within a recent interview with IGN talking about the Xbox Scorpio and what we should be expecting via price-point and the status of the console upon its launch.

We’re still a few months away from the official reveal of the Xbox Scorpio, many think it may be revealed at E3 or another gaming or perhaps tech event (or perhaps even its very own Microsoft sponsored event specialized specifically for the Scorpio), but we still don’t know much. While there’s much to be revealed in the upcoming marketing plans for the Scorpio in the coming months, Phil Spencer’s interview with IGN revealed a little bit more about the long-awaited console. He described it as a “premium” console and as something that would be for the elite gamers.

That’s something in itself that may be a little bit confusing or hard to understand. Essentially, what Spencer was trying to drive home was that this console will be for the die hard players, the ones who buy every single game and are the ones who spend a large amount on gaming every single year. We all know or even maybe are those types of players, but we probably know someone who is a more casual gamer as well that doesn’t flesh out an arm and a leg to stay atop the food chain with games and consoles. That’s kind of the point Spencer was trying to make. The Scorpio is going to be introduced at a higher price-point than that of the current Xbox One S. By how much, that’s yet to be determined or even hinted at, but Spencer confirmed it will be more expensive at launch than the standard price tag for a Xbox console.

While that statement may seem alarming to many fans, Spencer reassured fans that by saying “I'm not trying to scare anybody on the price. We're going to come out on a price that we think is fair for the product that we build and the customers will tell us as they always do. I call it premium because I don't want people to get confused that somehow Scorpio is the thing that is going to take over the Xbox line.”

So straight from the man himself, the diction of his statements simply imply that the Xbox One S will still be a very available and viable option for Xbox fans and console gamers everywhere, but for those that are die hard and really want the next level of experience, the Scorpio may be the better route to take for an upgrade. Spencer said immediately as well that he firmly believes the Xbox One S will still hold the “top-seller” title above the Xbox Scorpio, furthermore hinting at the top shelf feeling of the Scorpio (which may be surprising to some, but it seems to all wrap up with that statement from his interview).

While no price has been set just yet for the Xbox Scorpio, it will most definitely be pricier than that of the little brother Xbox One and Xbox One S counterparts that are currently on the market. The up in price-tag more than likely won’t be anything too drastic, perhaps another $100, but still that may be a little surprising for someone who was looking forward to the Scorpio being the same entry point in price as the standard consoles. Being branded as a “premium” items as well also indicates some points of discussion that are rather intriguing but can perhaps be saved for another day. If you’re looking forward to the Scorpio, there certainly is a lot to be excited for, but the price tag may be a little bit more for this “premium” product than you may think; just be ready to shell out a few more dollars for your upcoming extension to your setup!

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