Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 13

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 13 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: Arctic Sun

Location: Arkhangel'sk, Russia

Date: October 3rd, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Destroy the junction box
  • Destroy the S37 Berkut
  • Destroy the Ka50 Hokum
  • Reach the extraction zone

First Part - Junction Box:

There are three objects that need to be blown up within 5 minutes of each other, the first is the junction box. Go north twoard the control tower building and be careful that there are enemies around you. In the east you should be able to see a firehouse, and two guards. Avoid them or take them out early. Continue north and look northwest across the airfield and the enemies you see will be handled later. Four enemies patrol the office and control tower, stay away from them. Wait until they are pas tthe corner and start up the street between the two buildings. Follow them until you get a good shot then take them out. The junction box will be halfway up the wall on the outside of the building, don't miss it and go inside the building before you get shot. 

Second Part - Hokum:

Get rid of the grande armed guard at the door to the Hokum hangar first and then go up the stairs. Take out the enemy at the top of the stairs. Drop down and shoot over the ledge where three or four soldiers are on the bottom floor. Once you take them out, look through the second and third floors for more enemies and move and shoot at any thermal readings. When your threat indicator turns blue, go downstairs and put your charge on the Hokum. Now you have the option of either runing out o fthe hangar or stay to kill the 6 enemies coming. If you fight, it will be huge so take cover. Have one team on the second floor and one hiding in cover. 

Third Part - Freedom:

If you chose to run out of the hangar, you better run fast before you get killed. Head towards the western door of the hanagar and hide outside the building. To your left will be 3 to 6 enemies, get ready to sniper them. Once you take them all out, head to the plane in the cneter of the field and get reayd to defend against four enemies from the north. Move toward them as you take them out. Don't forget about the 6 enemies behind you if you didn't kill them in the hanagr.

Fourth Part - S37:

There will be 5 enemies guarding the Berkut, get ready to take them out. The only cover you will have will be the doorway so use it the best you can. When you kill an enemy, put down your last demo charge and complete the objective.

Fifth Part - Winner winner, chicken dinner:

Once you take them out and set the charge, head back to the extraction zone. Four enemies will be from the hanagar south of the Berkut's hangar, get out on the airfield and ready to attack. There is no avoiding this, you have to take them head on. Once you take them out, head to the extraction zone that has 2 enemies left and then the mission is complete!

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