Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 11

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 11 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: Dream Knife

Location: Ljady, Russia

Date: September 16, 2008

Mission Objectives:

o Secure an entrance

o Rescue NATO prisoners of war

o Return to extraction zone

o Rescue Moroshkin

First Part – Another Night Mission:

A night mission, once again, enable you night vision goggles to continue. (not for the first few minutes) Before you attack you must dodge some search lights. It’s difficult to see the search light while wearing your goggles so don’t wear them till you dodged all the search lights.

Second Part – The Courtyard Fight:

P.O.W.s will be defended by the majority of the enemies to the north. Go west. From the tower door, look over the place and take out enemies if you see them. Make your way over to the courtyard and go into the infirmary, as soon as it’s safe. Two guards hold Moroshkin at gunpoint so slide to the main doorway so you can get an easy clear shot. Enter the room as quick as possible and take out the second guard behind the curtains.

Third Part – The Prison:

Head into the Prison Complex but be careful, the will be guards. A barrack near to the prison will provide cover. Hide from the patrol on the road, the patrol will circle around the barracks so take them out. For the next part, you need to have a good and clear shot. Wait until the guards stop on either side to talk to other guards. Shoot them when they’re not paying attention. Make sure the P.O.W.s are safe and go back the way you got here, make sure you don’t take out enemies or the alarm will go off. When going back, send bravo to the west of the insertion zone to take out the patrols of three guards around the outside of the complex. Try to detect these as well as the guards on the inside of the complex. Set up Bravo on the tree filled perimeter in front of the extraction zone, this is so that he can take out enemies who try to stop you.

Go forward slowly because the A.I that controls the P.O.W.s and Moroshkin makes it easy to lose people. If Bravo is doing what they’re supposed to do it should be quite easy. There could be enemies on the western side because you and your squad haven’t been there. Lastly, guide the prisoners to the extraction zone to complete this mission.

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