Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 12

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 12 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: Ivory Horn

Location: Murmansk, Russia

Date: September 22, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Destroy Corvette

  • Destroy submarine

  • Return to extraction zone

  • Destroy fuel tanks

First Part - Three charges, three targets:

Stay on both sides directly from the insertion zone because the north area of the docks will be patrolled by three enemies, five russian enemies guard the corvette. the first objective is to sink the corvette, you almost can´t do this without taking out the first three enemies first. Choose someone on your team with a sniper to take out the three enemies from where the extraction zone is. It´ll be hard to spot the five russian enemies close to the corvette so take out the first three enemies first. The russian enemies will usually throw some grenades at you so be careful. When you take out all eight enemies, go to the corvette and get you demolitions expert to front of the ship´s deck, you have tree chargers and three targets you need to destroy the corvette, you can´t miss.

Second Part - Surprise Attack:

The eastern part of the side dock is empty now so that means something is wrong and enemies are most likely going to try to surprise attack you, which they will. One will be underground where the submarine is located and the other surprise attack will be on your way back to the extraction zone. There will be a building on the south that has some that is radioactive, which isn´t dangerous but you will be in danger if the alarm goes off and enemies attack you. The best move to make is to take the enemies out before they even notice you. The entrance to the north is the submarice tunnel. Eight guards surround you and they´re hard to see so move as quick as possible. Use a weapon like the M16, turn right and find someone ready to shoot you, take him out. Next up is two, and more enemies late, trying to take you out, find a cover and take them out as well. At this point you want to call in Bravo to take out the remaining enemies. You can now call in your demolitions expert to place the last charge on the submarine.

Third Part - The end:

Before you finish the mission you need to take out four more enemies as you exit the submarine hangar. Look on your right, there will be two guards who will attack you, take them out as fast as you can. The four guards are spread out and might throw a grenade at you. Send the team outside and let them take out the four enemies, now it´s time to send Bravo out as well and that´s the final step for this mission. 

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