Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 10

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 10 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: Fever claw

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Date: September 1st, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Clear university defenders
  • Clear presidential square
  • Clear cathedral defenders
  • All tanks survive

First Part – Demolitions:

This mission requires two expert demolitions because you have to destroy tanks. (imposssible without rockets) Make sure you have M136 rocket launchers to take out enemy tanks, you need to hit a tank with one of these rockets to destroy a tank. Make sure you stay ahead of the tanks so that enemies can’t get a target on your tanks. Remember: you don’t fail if you lose a tank. Place your tanks at the start because you’ll be constantly moving after the tanks start. Just into the mission one enemy will attempt to blow up a truck in front of you, your tanks will take him out, it is part of the script. Let your tank deal with the next fight and destroy the enemy tank and the tree enemies.

Second Part – The Hard Fight:

This will be a hard fight. When turning the corner, look for the guy that starts climbing the debris pile to the north. He’s got a rocket launcher so take him out as soon as possible. Use the demolitions expert and switch to the M136 launcher. Climb the pile of debris for a better shot and destroy the tank. Move on but stay low, your tanks will do most of the work. Be careful of the enemy’s crossfire trap, there will be five hidden enemies in the north.

Third Part – Village Square:

Next up is using Bravo and take out the tank. Run up the street from the insertion zone and go in where the destroyed tank is located. On your right will be an alley, go down it, it will lead you in the Presidential Square. You’ll see an enemy tank. Gather up with your demolitions expert and destroy the tank with the M136. Once you’ve done that, one enemy tank is left, kill some enemies first and make your way over to the tank, at a safe position. Once again, gather up with demolitions expert and use the M136 to take out the final tank, doing this will complete objective #2. The Alpha team will now be on its way to you.

Fourth Part – The Last Fight:

You’ll now need to go through the Village Square and City Park. One enemy has a rocket launcher. Keep your teams on the front of each building because there are four enemies in Village Square. Peak around the corner to see how the enemy is set up. They’re most likely in the middle of the road, you can kill them yourself or call in the tank. The final rocket launcher is located in the park (east). Six soldiers are ready to attack. Enemies will also be waiting for you and your team in the north and east. Make sure you kill all 6 enemies, you don’t want them to shoot the missile at you. The last fight will be against six enemies and two tanks. Look around each corner that goes into the cathedral court. There’s a bunker and tank on your left. The other tank can be found across the yard also with a bunker behind it. Snipe the bunker guard from the corner. Head to the bunker and take out enemies that will run out of it. Once you’re in the first bunker, destroy the second and kill all enemies coming out of it. Once you’ve killed all enemies destroy the two tanks. That it, you’ve completed the mission

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