Ghost Recon: Wildlands - How to Complete Mission 14

Here is a guide on how to complete mission 14 of Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Mission Name: Willow Bow

Location: Toropec, Russia

Date: October 23rd, 2008

Mission Objectives:

  • Take the north pass
  • Take the south pass
  • Take the top of the hill
  • Neutralize the Russian camp

First Part - Get Ready:

So the job in this mission is to guide the Bradley tanks up the mountains all while defending them. However, you will need to kill all the enemies before they get near the tanks. You have to defend two tanks but it's best to go one at a time. You'll be defending them through the mountains so keep Alpha and Bravo on opposite sides so both sides are covered. When you come across a log cabin, then you will charge the southern pass and start the south Bradley tank. Three enemies will be there and they will be on the east side. You can avoid them, no need to battle.

Second Part - North Pass:

Head east twoards the objective point on the north pass. Look around for enemies to the right as you go up the hill, they might be in the trees. Two teams of four patrol this area and one should approach you at the corner of the house. There will be an enemy at the top of the hill with a sniper, don't take him out until the four other enemies are close to you. Three enemies from the top of the hill come to help the house enemies so be aware of that. One will have a grenade launcher. Once you get rid of the enemies, have your sniper out and take care of the sniper on the top of the hill that you left. Hide by the west side of the house and kill the 3 enemies coming to you. Get to the top of the hill and kill the remaining enemies.

Third Part - South Pass:

There will be enemies with machine gun nests protecting the south pass so go toward them from the east hill. From the top of the hill, go southwest until you see the pipeline that crosses the mountains. Follow it until you reach the cliff looking down on an enemy. There will be two enemies across from you as well. One with a sniper. Now to the machine gun nests, don't let them see you until you have your sniper locked on them. Kill the wester machine gun nest and then take out the eastern one. Have you sniper in hand and go along the cliff until you can take him out. Then you are done with the south pass.

Fourth Part - Russians!:

Eliminate the enemy in front of you with the grenade launcher before he harms your tank. Go back to the north pass and travel south. Six enemies will be on the farthest side of the large rock waiting for the next tank. One will have an antitank missile and will climb up the rocks behind you so take him out quickly. Kill the enemies as soon as you can before they reach vantage points to kill you or the tank. When you don't see anymore enemies, go towards the shed. The second wave of enemies could be here. There will be a machine gunner to the east so stay low and go to the east rocks to get a good shot at him. He is a hard shot, and he is very skilled so this will be tough. Once you take him out and the other 4 enemies, the mission is complete!

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