No Man's Sky Recent Update Is Great!

No Man’s Sky most recent update adds new vehicles, better lighting support and even more!

No Man’s Sky was touted to be the next big thing in gaming and many people thought it would be one of the best sellers of its time. However, that proved to not be the case. Having a difficult launch and having the developers go dark didn’t help the case of the game in the eyes of the fans and it certainly had a long way to recovery. Recently, it seems like the game has been taking many steps to recover the player base and to amend some of the issues there may have been at launch. Most recently: a new update to No Man’s Sky that adds permadeath, photo mode, new vehicles and even more. So if you’re one of the people who haven’t given up hope for No Man’s Sky just yet, this is some exciting news!

Entitled the Path Finder update, No Man’s Sky has had a recent free update to the game. Some of the things introduced is a new vehicle called the Exocraft and land-based vehicles called the Nomad, a small hovercraft, a mid-range Roamer, the cargo-carrying Colossus and more. While we’re on the topic of ships and vehicles, this update allows players to have the ability to own multiple ships. Each ship now has its own classification, to which it will fall into one of four categories: Shuttle, Fighter, Hauler, and Science. They additionally have class ratings: A, B, C, and S. With more specializations added to the ships, you can customize the ships even more.

For the hardcore fans who love the challenge of survival, they will love the features of Permadeath. It’s rather similar to that of No Man’s Sky’s Survival mode, but the difficulty is greatly increased within this. The most notable piece of this new mode is that if players die in game, they will have to restart their games on the closest planet away from where their downed ship was. Talk about a twist of fate and an added challenge! For those that love to survive, take on this challenge, but for the faint of heart, if you enjoy the comfort of space exploration without the fear of losing nearly everything, maybe not so much.

Another fun feature added into the game strictly for the fans and the creativity level is a Photo mode. This dedicated mode has to be built for the sharing aspect because players can get creative with what they want to portray. They can pause their game entirely, tweak the lighting and angles of their camera viewpoint, and create some awesome cinematic shots to capture the breathtaking worlds you end up exploring daily.

As for all these fun little bells and whistles that add to the playability of the game, the core mechanics and fundamental building blocks have also been tweaked a little bit visually. The most recent update offered numerous visual upgrades including higher resolution textures for nearly everything in game, a more ambient lighting system and one huge one… HDR modes for compatible monitors and TVs. HDR is a big deal for fans that aren’t truly aware of what it does but love the look of the game. Excuse the slight redirection from No Man’s Sky information to a more educational monologue, but HDR essentially reaches the colors that a standard RGB color palette cannot. So this is currently the best system for lighting and colors in gaming. You won’t be disappointed! Oh, and also, the PS4 Pro got support with No Man’s Sky in this update as well!

The full official patch notes can be viewed by following this link, but all in all, it seems to be a great touch to No Man’s Sky. Hello Games’ baby in No Man’s Sky certainly may have fumbled at the very beginning and it’s no secret that going dark after the launch drastically hurt the game and company. However, it is nice to see a rebound such as this one, working their way up to a more perfect build of the title that so many people ended up getting incredibly hyped for. While it may still yet be perfect, the strides towards that status certainly are a great indication as to what this could be in a short period of time. For now, we can explore the vastness of the galaxy in a little more style, however.

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