Why Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Is Coming In 2017

Here's why Modern Warfare 2 Remastered will release in 2017.

Modern Warfare 2, arguably one of the most popular Call of Duty titles to ever release, could be getting remastered in 2017. According to rumors floating around the internet, Activision will plan to release remastered titles and although technically Call of Duty: World At War Remastered should be next to release, that's likely to not be the case. Let's take a look at the 5 main reasons we'll be getting Modern Warfare Remastered in 2017.

1: Modern Warfare 2's Popularity

As previously mentioned, Modern Warfare 2 is an extremely popular Call of Duty title and in fact, there are still over 2000 people playing the title at anyone time on Steam according to Steam Charts. This potentially means that during a week, hundreds of thousands of players will still be playing the title across all platforms and for an 8 year-old title, that's astonishing.

Modern Warfare 2 released during the golden years of Call of Duty, when the series was considered the best gaming series of all time. Although that popularity has shaken off these past several years, a remastered title of Modern Warfare 2 is almost certain to bring people back to the franchise.

2: Sets Up A Modern Warfare Remastered Trilogy

Of course World At War is the next Call of Duty in the series after Modern Warfare, but a World At War title should be saved for Treyarch's title next year as it makes the most sense. Although some would argue that it doesn't make sense for Sledgehammer Games to release Modern Warfare 2 because it's an Infinity Ward game, you have to remember that Activision calls the shots and they do what's best for business. Not only will Modern Warfare 2 remastered massively increase sales for Sledgehammer Games' new title, which lets face it is a risk, it also sets up the perfect Modern Warfare Trilogy Remaster.

A Modern Warfare Remastered Trilogy will happen at some point and with Infinity Ward's last two titles being lackluster (Ghosts and Infinite Warfare), Activision will be ensuring that 2019 isn't another terrible year for the franchise. 2019 could offer fans with a new Infinity Ward title, in addition to another remastered title, Modern Warfare 3. This sets Activision up on creating a massive goldmine of opportunity by releasing a Modern Warfare Trilogy. Not only will this help to increase revenue from the 2019 title, but will also ensure that stock holders and investors will see a massive increase in profits, which is always a good thing for any company.

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