The worst and best new features in the new PS4 4.50 update

With the release of the new 4.50 PS4 update, let’s take a look at the best, and worst new features.

Last week the new update (update 4.50), arrived for the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Overall, it was quite a good update because it added a few important new features that improved the experience for PlayStation 4 players, just as an update should. Although the update was recieved fairly positively from the community, there were still several conserns from players.  In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the worst and best features of the 4.50 update.

The best new feature is arguably the boost mode, unfortunately the boost mode is only available for PS4 Pro owners but it’s definitely one of the best new features. The boost mode "boosts" it's processing power for games and therefore allows for some major graphical improvements. Games such as the recently released Horizon Zero Dawn has seen some major graphical enhancements, which creates a better gaming experience for PlayStation 4 Pro players. Here's what Sony had to say about PlayStation's Boost Mode:

‘‘the boost mode effectively tells the PS4 Pro to utilize its extra processing power for any game, which can result in some staggering graphical improvements. Games that struggled to reach 60 frames per second on a stand PS4 maintained a constant maxed-out frame rate on the PS4 Pro in boost mode. Other games that promised a solid 30 frames per second but struggled to keep to that intensive, packed scenes such as Assassins Creed Unity happily did so in boost mode.’’

The boost to frame rates is said to be up to 38%, which is making a huge difference to games that run at both 30 and 60 FPS. Youtuber, DigitalFoundry, has made a video about the boost mode explaining it even better, you can check it out down below:

Another good and useful feature added to the update was the Playstation App improvement/update. The App improvement includes:

  • When you receive a Party invitation from your friends on PS Messages, now you can respond with a quick reply, “I’ll join later” or “Sorry, I can’t join,” when you want to get back to them ASAP.
  • On the Communities app, you can now easily check the PSN service status under Settings > View Status of PSN Services.
  • Also on the Communities app, iOS users can tell at a glance if there are any new posts in their community by checking the badge app icon (the number in a red circle at the top-right corner of the app’s icon)."

Although the 4.50 update had some great new features, unforuantely there were some features that can be deemed a negative to most players.

Previously, the notification menu showed the notifications in multiple tabs such as the upload, download, game alert and a few other tabs which you could scroll through but the latest update removed all of these tabs and the notification now show in one tab, the notification tab. You can still ‘split’ the downloads/uploads but it’s still quite messy and confusing. Fans prefer the older notification better since that actually showed which notification you’ve read and it was overall a very clear notification menu. The new update kind of ruined the concept of having a clear and easy-to-understand notification menu. We will most likely be seeing a change in the current notification menu since the new notification received a big backlash.

Youtuber, Push Square, has made a video about the new notification menu showing its flaws. You can check out the video here@

Those are the best and worst features in the new 4.50 update according to fans and us of course. What do you think about the new 4.50 update for the PS4 and PS4 Pro? Let us know down below!

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