When Will H1Z1: King of the Kill Release on Xbox One & PS4?

H1Z1: King of the Kill has taken the gaming community by storm so when can we expect its full launch on the Xbox One & PS4?

It’s no doubt that one of the hottest games on the market right now, at least for the PC, is King of the Kill. Daybreak’s most popular hit in a while has certainly made waves within the community and has soared to become one of the most popular games amongst the PC community and on Twitch, being streamed to tens of thousands of people every single day. One thing many players may not know about is the fact that H1Z1 as it was formerly known as (while encompassing both King of the Kill and Just Survive), was planned to be released for the Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4 and not just the current market on Steam. So when could we possibly see the game come to those remaining platforms?

H1Z1 took the survival world by storm with its conception back in 2015. The game was initially intended to be a major competitor to DayZ, which at the time had many, many problems surrounding the game. From spawn bugs, player glitches and many other things in between, Daybreak saw an opportunity to put their foot in the door in that survival market. DayZ still stands firm today with a solid player count but the number of players playing the rival Just Survive is not as high as it used to be. H1Z1 ultimately started to incorporate Battle Royal servers in the server selection menus. This was a custom tailored game mode built from the great success developer PlayerUnknown had within the Arma community. Having the population of those servers soar, these became the primary focus of H1Z1 and the game ultimately split into two different projects, H1Z1: Just Survive as well as H1Z1: King of the Kill early into 2016. That brings us to today…

H1Z1 has sold millions of copies, being quotes by the CEO of Daybreak that in March of 2015 alone, the game reached well past the one million sold mark. Imagine that number now two years later and with a 1000% increase or more in player count. It’s easy to see where the market can definitely extend into other consoles, but why has it not just yet? That answer is a bit more simple than it may initially seem.

The PC version has been plagued with bugs and the updates only seem to create more issues. While the waterfall continues to flow and the amount of water, that being the players, continues to grow, Daybreak has their hands full at the moment with trying to perfect the Windows/PC version of the title. While that is incredibly commendable as a development standpoint to tackle all issues before taking on further endeavors, it certainly puts a damper on the hopes of players waiting for it to come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The good news is that players currently on the PC have a bit to look forward to as the title has made significant improvement overall to the title While there still need to be region and ping lock issues fixed within the game, a ton of new features have been added in that makes the game significantly better. Additionally, as of late (from personal opinion), the servers overall seem to be a bit more stable and do not skyrocket players’ connections and ping at random times due to server side issues.

All in all, King of the Kill has no estimated date for its arrival to both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but it is more likely in the medium ranged future. Perhaps not the next few months but within the next year it is quite possible. With the upcoming $300,000 eSports tournament taking place, the advertisement for the game alone may boost funding enough with added sales to help fund the further expansion and preservation of the title.

Is it possible that within a year’s time it still is not on Xbox One and PlayStation 4? It’s possible, but we don’t see it as being very likely. The market is craving a hardcore survival game that brings together looting, strategy, luck and a massive free-for-all and King of the Kill is the perfect game to deliver on those interests that the community has. Hopefully within a short period of time, it will be available to many more players to share the common goal of becoming the King of the Kill.

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